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Pump Up Your Sales With These Remarkable Website Design Pointers

Want to increase engagement and drive sales? Check out these remarkable website design pointers and take your business to the next level

On the Internet, there are tons of website design tips that can confuse you, if you’re new to online selling. Each and everyone who wants to own a business or blog website online, has their own perspective on “How their website design should look like?”. But the question is, “Are you looking at it from a customer or client perspective?

“When it comes to a website, content within is important to convert your viewers into customers, do check our blog post on content marketing tactics that help your business grow”

It’s an obvious question right, but when it comes to manufacturing a product or promoting a product. Everything depends on customer perspective like, 

  • How it can benefit the customers 
  • How the customer benefit can help the business grow

So if your entire business revolves around providing customer satisfaction, then why not have a website design that your customer/client finds intriguing, to know more about your product, company value and credibility.

Well, we are here to explain the specifics rather than blabbering about unwanted and unnecessary topics which don’t provide you with any value. In case you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. You can drop us a message on this link CLICK HERE

Pump Up Your Sales With These Remarkable Website Design Pointers

Website Design Specifics to know

How your Website Design should be?

Website Design is based on two things, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). So when it comes to website design, make sure to keep it user friendly and able to load even with low bandwidth.

“There is an article in Harvard Business Review from Intuit’s CEO, he refers “Design” attracted viewers and “ease of use” converted them to customers”

  • Keep it Simple 

Don’t junk your website with unnecessary code which doesn’t provide any value to it. Compress the codes and remove the unwanted files. You might ask, why? Unwanted files occupy more space and take more time to load. Due to that, your website speed will reduce and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) won’t work unless every pillar of SEO is Optimized correctly. 

  • Loading Speed

Loading Speed of a website depends on three things

  • Hosting
  • Page Size
  • Bandwidth

Hosting is vital to get your business live online. There are many hosting platforms like HostGator, BlueHost and SiteGround etc… But hosting on the right platform will make your website load faster. As per Hosting Data, SiteGround has the highest number of customer satisfaction reviews and it’s cost-effective.

So next in the line is Page Size, the size of the page is determined by the number of codes, images/videos and the number of animated files used on a page. Using HD Images/Videos will make the website incompatible to load in less Bandwidth. So always use compressed images/videos for ease of loading even with less bandwidth. Do not use more than 2 or 3 animations on a single page. Loading Animations on a web page takes more time equal to loading an HD video.

  • Easy Navigation

As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts “Top 5 Features to make your website stand out from the crowd”, every viewer who visits your site is looking for a solution. Your website should be able to guide them to a solution, only through easy navigation, a viewer can be converted to a customer using CTA (Call to Action Button) or Contact Form.

  • Mobile Friendly

Current Digital Transformation has made almost 70% of users worldwide depend on their phone for an immediate transaction, google search and online purchasing etc… Having a mobile-friendly website will help you gain an audience from that 70%.

Types of Website Design

When it comes to web designing, each business needs a different kind of design suitable for their online business. Some of your businesses sell products and services online, ranging from normal online toy stores to plumbing companies looking for new customers. There are three kinds of web designs

“For In Depth details on website design and how to choose them relevant to your business, feel free to check our blog post Best Professional Website tips For Your Business Growth

  • Dedicated Ecommerce Platforms  

Some of the Online Product Sellers prefer to use Online Platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and Strikingly etc… But there are a similar number of advantages and drawbacks in using online platforms, one of the important things you miss is, your uniqueness which represents your business credibility and value of the product. The main purpose of small businesses to choose these platforms is due to integration modules that help in Invoice, Shipping, and Billing etc… Which can be availed from UTDS Optimal Choice along with your website and can be customized based on your requirements.

  • Blog

A blog can be a small portion of your business website where you can share interesting facts about your product or you can use a separate blogging website to share what you feel about travelling, foods, cities, and products etc… Websites like Roadfood and TechCrunch are great examples of blogging.

  • Online Service Provider   

There has been immense digital transformation growth, so every offline service provider like Electrician, Plumbers, Barbers, and even Beauty Spa have started to transform their business to adopt digital growth. Consider owning a business website like  Electricians Immediately or ESBAH, where you can easily list out your services, work quality and customer reviews, so you can reach 2x the audience you gain through local word of mouth, flyers and SMS advertising etc…

After going through the above two topics, you would have come to an understanding of “What type of website design do you need?” And “What are you trying to gain from it?

Here is the interesting part, “How can website design help in marketing”?

Check our blog post “Top 5 Features to Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd” to gain a better understanding. Reach us to build you a new website or to give your old website design a fresh look.

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