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Top 5 most demanded features missing from your website

Level up your website with the top 5 demanded features you’ve been missing. Don’t let your competitors get ahead – upgrade your site today!

However, each website has its pros and cons, and missing these 5 features in your website will reduce the probability of decision making among your potential leads or customers.

Top 5 most demanded features missing from your website

Top 5 most demanded features missing from your website​

Customer or Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonials are the first and foremost proof that expresses you have customers and the customers who trust in your company. As there are many companies and fake reviews, connecting your testimonials with legit review platforms like “TrustPilot” or “Yelp” will help you gain customers through similar types of audiences. However, there are some other review platforms like “G2Crowd” that rank Saas platforms. Do use the customer testimonials based on the audiences you target, so it can help you convert similar audiences into a customer.

Purpose of Customer Testimonials 

  • It helps you to build trust with your potential customers.
  • It works like a referral and acts as a pitch point to convert your potential customer into sales.
  • It helps you create an emotional connection with the potential customer.
  • It even explains your service and product quality.

Business Transparency

Business transparency is one of the best ways to build brand value and credibility among your customers. From increasing customer retention to gaining new leads, transparency plays a major role in making your customers loyal to your brand. Considering transparency has different stages, recently many companies have come forward to be transparent about their support towards culture, race, and religion, to build a solidified trust with their customers.

Purpose of Business Transparency

  • As per the survey by Sprout Social conducted through Forbes, 86% of American Consumers trust a transparent company more than ever.
  • Transparency improves customer feedback and employee productivity

Webpages for Targeted Audience

Apart from having a website filled with SEO optimized content. Most of the businesses do miss the key point that their website is targeted at a specific group of audience. This specific group of audience includes potential customers, sales, and future leads. Do create content in web pages targeting your audience, rather than just focusing your website to rank in specific SEO keywords.

Purpose of Web Pages for Targeted Audience

  • Web pages that don’t target your audience have less possibility of converting your visitors into customers.
  • Create web pages focusing from your audience perspective, so the chances of receiving potential customers increase.

Fresh Content

Everyone in your audience loves fresh content both on the website and social media too. So keep posting fresh content giving solutions to frequently asked customer queries and interesting content that focuses on motivating customers to purchase your service or product.

Purpose of Fresh Contents

  • Fresh content blog posts will help your website rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of specific keywords and even increase the number of organic backlinks you receive for your website.
  • Posting fresh content frequently will help your customers stay updated and also pave the way to increase your business growth rate.
  • When it comes to posting content on social media, fresh contents create new opportunities to find potential customers and sales. 

Immediate Chat Support

The Immediate Chat Support button that’s been used by most companies might look outdated from certain viewers perspectives. Immediate chat support plays a major role in collecting data from first-time visitors, which acts more like a Call to Action (CTA) button. Users tend to enquire before searching for a specific solution on the website, so using the Immediate Chat Support will give way for the viewers to inquire directly to you. Using that you can make a callback or email to convert the potential lead into a customer.

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