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How website traffic made your competitor a better sales person than You

Boost your online success with targeted website traffic. Drive growth, increase conversions, and dominate your industry. Act now and thrive!

Nowadays, merely having a website isn’t enough. To stay competitive, you must evaluate your website analytics on a regular basis and utilise online traffic statistics to guide your business decisions. For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to be aware of the quantity of website traffic you receive. Being aware of your website traffic may provide you with a decent idea of your website performance.

There are three types of website traffic which bring in visitors for your business or service website, these visitors can either be just an engagement or potential lead who can be converted into a customer.

Type of Website Traffic

There are three types of website traffic, which is categorized based on how you receive visitors to your website as well as what you gain through them

  • Organic Website Traffic
  • Direct Website Traffic
  • Paid Website Traffic
Types of Website Traffic

Organic Website Traffic

Organic Website traffic acts as a pacemaker to help your business in the long run. If you’re having a new business or service website and constantly focused on improving website performance, then it usually takes 6 – 12 Months to see results from organic website traffic compared to paid website traffic. It might look like a long lasting marathon, but following the certain steps as mentioned below will help you create a strong base for your website performance

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website to rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP), whenever a user searches for a specific business or service. Some corporate companies use A & B testing methods to optimize their website SEO frequently, using the data gathered from Google Analytics and the types of audience visited their website. By using A & B testing methods, major companies can filter the targeted audience and optimize the SEO of the website accordingly.

How do we do it?

Other than A & B testing methods, there are some other ways which can be availed by every small business. Only professional website development companies like UTDS Optimal Choice can do it using data gathered from your past as well as present business performance, sales indicators, and audiences etc.. So using your data, we at UTDS Optimal Choice will create a website for your business that doesn’t involve frequent optimization of SEO, which saves both time and money.

  • Social Media Presence

Currently Social Media companies are competing to rule the online platforms and win the crown. Creating a social media presence for your company will help your website gain an audience through social media channels.

How to do it ?

However when it comes to social media platforms, each platform boosts specific features like Instagram boosting Reels and Twitter boosting hashtags. If your business is relevant to fashion or plumbing services, using reels to upload your work will garner more audience and increase the number of followers to social media pages as well as the potential leads. Similarly, the way you use social media platforms will help you gain social media presence.

“Without being online 24*7 in social media and without creating online presence through frequent posting, comments, and likes, then there is just a 10% chance to create an audience”

  • Blog Posting

Blog posting is the best possible way to attract new audiences to your website, as we have mentioned in our previous posts frequent blog posting related to your business or service will help you gain potential audiences. Make sure your blogs are relevant to your business or services you offer.

For example : If you’re a plumbing company, make sure to post about plumbing problems and how your business helps in solving it. In that way, your potential audience who has similar problems can go through the solutions you offer and purchase or hire your services.

How to do it?

Whenever it comes to blog posting, you have to make sure your content has a quality, quantity, and solution. Make sure to use trending keywords relevant to your business or service in good quantity. Stuffing keywords within the content might get you ranked among spammers. You can use Google Trends to find trending keywords.

  • Geographical Audience

What we refer to as a geographical audience is none other than the location based audience. Whenever a user searches from a specific location, Google shows results of relevant search terms around the users location.

For Example : If you Google Search a Plumbing Service Company, the results will mostly be the plumbing service companies within your country. Whenever you Google Search a specific location like“ Plumbing Service Company in Birmingham” google will display results of the companies located in specific locations like Birmingham.

How to do it ?

If you’re a small business or service within the United Kingdom, targeting the audience within the country or more specifically within your targeted city. Do use domains like .uk or to target only the audience within the country. In that way, you can filter the audiences easily and optimize the website SEO accordingly.

  • Reviews

Reviews play a major role in converting a potential lead to a customer, whenever someone google searches your website or services related to your business. Google displays the result with reviews along with few other websites in the organic results. Based on the amount of good reviews and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), google ranks your website in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

  • Backlinks

It isn’t easy to gain backlinks if you have just launched your website and set foot in the online world for the first time. Backlinks are gained in two ways

  •  Paid Backlinks from high Domain Authority Websites
  • Organic Backlinks from Domain Authority Website

Organic backlinks are sometimes not useful as most of them come from low domain authority websites which have less viewers or no viewers. On the other hand, we UTDS Optimal Choice help the users gain good backlinks from high Domain Authority Website which helps your website to gain views from multiple platforms.

Direct Website Traffic

Direct Website traffic is none other than viewers coming directly to your website using the URL from social media or backlink from random websites or direct google search to be precise.

  • Referral

Whenever a user promotes your website for a gift card or commission based on purchase, they use referral links to do so. As you have seen, every customer oriented corporate company uses Affiliate Marketing to gain more customers or viewers to boost website traffic and to create new customers. Even some Saas based companies use partnering programs to gain leverage over partnering companies’ audiences and convert them  into a customer. There isn’t much difference between Referral program and Affiliate Marketing.

Paid Website Traffic

Paid Traffic

In Recent years, Paid website traffic has become the best source and result oriented investment to gain new customers. Important aspect of all, paid website traffic varies based on the platforms and charges vary according to it.

  • Google Ads

Google Ads is the cost effective and result oriented ads that help you gain the expected result. When investing google ads, you have to think about two specific situations

  • What to do when your ads get spammed ?
  • How to target a specific audience and Which Ad will get you the expected result ?

In certain cases, your Google Ads will gain a lot of clicks leading you to waste the Google Ad investment. Google Ads are Pay Per Click (PPC), but they do have different types of Ad Campaigns like

  • Text Ad campaign

Text advertising appears in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and allows you to target individuals who are looking for the products and services you provide on Google.

It’s ideal for boosting sales, leads, or traffic to your website since it allows you to show your advertising to individuals who are actively looking for your specific products and services.

  • Image Ad campaign

Image advertisements on websites allow you to reach people with visually appealing adverts, and using specialised websites to market your product and service through image ads with more visitors will provide the desired results.

  • Video Ad campaign

Video campaigns enable you to display video advertisements on YouTube and other similar websites such as Daily Motion, Vine, and so on.

Some video marketing styles might assist you increase general brand recognition. Others are intended to increase conversions or encourage customers to buy on your website.

  • Shopping Ad campaign

Shopping campaigns are product listings that are suitable for retailers trying to sell their product online. Shopping adverts display in search results as well as in the Google Shopping tab.

Local inventory advertisements can also be used by store owners to promote things accessible at their physical locations.

  • App Promotional Ads

App promotional ads help you find new app users and to boost your revenue through app

  • Location Ads

Location Ads helps you drive people to your brick and mortar store

Now you might have the legitimate question about which Google Ad Campaign will help your business bring in new customers and potential leads. 

Which one works best for you ?

We wouldn’t recommend anyone to try their own methods in implementing Google Ads. Reason is, Google Ads work on Goal and Data. Without exceptional data, your website might not get the expected results and as well as waste your Google Ad Investments. Google Ads gets two types clicks,

  • Bot Clicks
  • User Clicks

These bot clicks will drain your wallet, it happens with most of the google ads. One who has implemented Google Ads through Google Partner will be safe from such bot clicks. Do check our blog “Why Google Partner Agency is your best bet to growth?”.

How can we help you with Google Ads ?

UTDS Optimal Choice is certified google partner and google ads expert. We provide pay per click (PPC) protection to everyone of our clients, so none of our clients Google Ads Investment doesn’t get wasted nor spammed.

Potential Social Media Advertising
Potential of Social Media Advertising in 2022, Report by Statista
  • Social Media Ads

When it comes to Social Media Advertising, Facebook and Instagram have similar costs in ad promotion. Compared to Google Ads, social media ads are less fortunate to bring in new customers and potential leads. Social Media advertising includes Image ads and video ads which can be targeted at a specific audience, but as there are a number of rising similar social media platforms. There is less chance to target a wide range of similar audiences in a single social media platform.

What type of Social Media Ad can help you ?

If you’re focused on creating a large audience and social media presence, you can use follow and like ad campaigns to boost the number of likes or follows for your business page in social media. Each social media platform has different types of Audiences, consider

  • B2B
  • B2C

When you want to gain leads for a B2B, LinkedIn advertising is the best place to do so, as they have shown a megalomaniac kind of growth in recent years. LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesses and you can expect guaranteed results, but their advertising price is slightly costlier than any other platforms.

When it comes to B2C, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, SnapChat, Vine etc… play a major role in bringing in new customers. As I said before, the odds are high in Social Media Advertising when it comes to B2C.

  • Influencers

If you tend to believe, celebrities are the only influencers then you’re certainly wrong. There are two kinds of influencers,

  • Blog Influencer

Blog influencers range from food blogs to travelling blogs, these influencers keep their audiences on edge with new interesting blog posts. Creating ties with these influencers will help you gain leverage over their audiences. I would have mentioned it in Affiliate Marketing and Backlinks, these influencers act as both to provide you with potential leads.

  • Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencers are none other than famous content creators, who create interesting contents daily for their audience.  These influencers attract an audience based on their contents and the product promotion cost varies based on amount of followers and likes they receive per post.

What is the best way to begin with ?

Organic Website Traffic helps you gain a strong base if you’re competent in spending time for your website growth, but as you know it takes a long time to do so. On the other hand, Paid Website Traffic will boost your website rank in a short time period. When it comes to advertising, Google Ads will outrank any number of advertising platforms. Even if you’re a beginner and trying to create a benchmark, Google Ads is your best bet to grow. However, if you’re interested in multi dimensional advertising and willing to gain audiences from multiple platforms, you can allocate a budget for both Google Ads and Social Media Ads. In that way, allocated budgets drive in the expected result as well as act as advertising branches to bring in potential customers.

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Based on what you have read above, you might have tonnes of questions and an odd number of confusions about “where to start” “how this will be helpful in the long run”. Well UTDS Optimal Choice is always there to help you streamline your idea and give you preferred options. We are UTDS Optimal Choice, a Google Partner website design agency in Tirana, Albania. We offer full design, build and marketing services to our clients. Working with customers of all sizes across the United Kingdom and the United States. Get in touch with us at

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