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SEO For Financial Services: Simple Guide

Need more clients? Grow your Financial Services Company in the UK with our complete SEO guide to attract new clients and increase visibility.

Have you ever wondered how some websites show up at the top of Google when you search for something? That’s because of SEO, SEO optimised website have potential to get more traffic and increased sales. In this article, we’ll talk about how SEO can help your financial company in the UK.  Check our beginners guide to SEO here to know more.

In the UK, there are some special challenges for financial companies when it comes to SEO. For example, there are lots of rules about what they can say in their ads and on their websites. But there are also lots of opportunities to help people find the right financial services.

In this article, we’ll explain

  • Why SEO is important for financial companies,
  • How to understand what people are searching for,
  • And some tips to make websites show up higher in search results.

SEO For Financial Services: Simple Guide

Why Do You Need SEO For Financial Services

When someone types a question about money into Google, search engine makes sure that SEO optimised financial companies in the UK show up in the results. 

So, when it comes to money, trust is super important. People want to know, Why they need to trust your finance company? By doing SEO for your finance company in UK, you create visibility for the benefits you offer, policies, and regulations you follow, which eventually builds trust among the people.

This helps your finance company get more customers. When people trust you, they contact you to know more, that’s converting potential leads to sales. However, for that you need to be visible where people spend time searching for your company financial services. That’s literally the concept of SEO for financial services.

For example, If someone searches for “best savings account UK” or “best car insurance company in UK” and sees your bank or company at the top of the results, they might decide to take this further and become your customer. 

Here are some numbers, that shows just how important it is to have SEO for financial services:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results
  • Websites on the first page of Google get 95% of web traffic

Understand Your Audience

To do SEO for financial services, you need to know your customers. In the UK, this might be different groups of people, like: 

  • Young adults looking for their first bank account, car insurance etc..
  • Families wanting to save for their children’s education, education loan, home loan etc..
  • Older people planning for retirement

It’s important to create quality content that answers the questions these different groups of people have. For example, young adults might search for “how to get a student loan in UK,” while older people might look for “best pension plans in the UK

Some common questions people in the UK might search for about money include:

  • How to save money on bills in the UK
  • Best credit cards for travel in the UK
  • How to start investing with little money UK

Keyword Research for Financial Services

SEO for financial services UK | keyword Research

Targeted or focused keywords, are the words and phrases people type into search engines. You need to know what keywords people are using to find money-related information. Keyword research helps you find the best Keyword opportunities for your financial business in the UK

There are keyword research tools that help find good keywords, like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush. These tools show how many people search for different words and phrases.

Some keywords are short, like “UK bank,” while others are longer, like “how to open a savings account in London” Both types are important for SEO.

Here are some example keywords for financial services in the UK:

  • Financial advisor London
  • Best mortgage rates UK
  • How to invest in stocks for beginners UK

It’s also important to think about why people are searching for these things. Are they just looking for information, or Are they ready to use a service? It’s called User Intent. Check our complete user search intent guide here.

On-Page SEO For Financial Services

On page SEO means making sure each page of your finance website is set up to be easily found by search engines. Here are some important things to do: 

  • Use the main keyword in the title of the page (It’s an SEO Best Practice to help Google Search understand your content). This needs to be within 60 characters for better results.
  • Write a short meta description of the page that includes the keyword (this shows up in search results). This needs to be within 130 characters.
  • Use headings (most searched queries, most searched keywords) including your targeted keywords. These are the meta tags in SEO which you need to focus when optimising your website for local search.
  • Write clear, helpful content that answers people’s questions
  • Include links to other pages on the website that are related to the topic

Here’s an example of how your financial company can set up a page about savings accounts:

  • Title: Best Savings Accounts UK | High Interest Rates 
  • Description: Find the best savings accounts in the UK with high interest rates at Example Bank.

Technical SEO For Finance Companies

Technical SEO is about making sure your website works well and is easy for search engines to understand. Here are some important things: 

  • Make sure the website loads quickly (people don’t like slow websites!) Here is why website loading speed is important in SEO.
  • Make sure your website works well on mobile phones and mobile friendly. (lots of people use their phones to search) From July 5th, only mobile first web design will have more focused traffic than desktop versions.
  • Use HTTPS to keep the website secure (this is really important for financial websites)
  • Use special code called “structured data” to help search engines understand the information on the website better

You should regularly check your websites to make sure everything is working properly. There are tools like Google Search Console that can help with this. To know more about What is Technical SEO check here.

Local SEO for Financial Services

Local SEO is important for financial companies that have offices or branches in different parts of the UK. It helps people find services near them. Here are some tips: 

  • Set up a Google Business Profile with the company’s name, address, and phone number
  • Get good reviews from happy customers
  • Create content about local financial topics, like “Best mortgage brokers in Manchester
  • Make sure the company’s information is correct on other websites and directories

Here are the best Local SEO strategies in UK you can use to grow your finance company.

Building Authority with Backlinks

Backlinks are when other websites link to your financial company website. They’re like votes of confidence that tell search engines the website is trustworthy. Here are some ways to get good backlinks: 

  • Write helpful articles for other websites about financial topics
  • Create interesting reports or studies that other people want to share
  • Make infographics or videos that explain money topics in a simple way

It’s important to get links from trustworthy websites, especially in the financial world. Links from newspapers, universities, or government websites are very valuable. Here is a detailed about What are backlinks

Content Strategy and E-E-A-T

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s really important for financial websites because people need to trust the information they’re getting about money. 

To show E-E-A-T,  as a financial company you should:

  • Write in-depth articles that answer people’s questions thoroughly
  • Show the qualifications of the people writing the content (like financial advisors or economists)
  • Use information from trusted sources and link to them
  • Keep the information up to date, especially when laws or regulations change

Here is a short guide about how to improve EEAT on website

Tracking and Measuring SEO Success

It’s important to know if your SEO efforts are working. Here are some things you should look at: 

  • How many people are coming to the website from search engines
  • How long people stay on the website
  • How many people take action (like opening an account or asking for more information)
  • Where the website ranks for important keywords

Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help track these things. As a Financial Company, it’s important to track these vital data to increase website and generate more leads. 

How Can We Help You

As an SEO agency specialising in UK market, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the British market. Our team of experts craft tailored strategies that boost your website’s visibility, drive targeted traffic, and increase conversions. From in-depth keyword research to technical optimisation and content creation, we cover all aspects of SEO to ensure your business stands out in UK search results.

Don’t let your website get lost with lack of expertise. Take the first step towards dominating UK search rankings today. Contact us today for a free SEO audit and discover how we can transform your online presence. Visit our website or call us now to schedule a free consultation and start your journey to SEO success in the UK market.

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