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How Search Intent can redefine your SEO and Marketing Funnel?

Discover how search intent can revolutionize your SEO and marketing funnel. Optimize your strategies for better results and conversions

Companies around the globe have always tested the customer behavior and pattern that leads them to purchase or decision making. However, with Google’s recent update BERT language understanding, Google has started to rank websites and contents based on the users search intent. 

Online Marketing has always been about driving business growth, and as of today, the strategy to drive that growth has changed drastically. Here is how search intent can redefine your SEO and marketing funnel.

What is Search Intent?

Search Intent is nothing but a user intent, where a user goes to Google search engine and searches for something with a goal in mind. It can be a query to learn about something or trying to find a product/service at an affordable price/good quality.

For Example: Users search for “What is___” and “How to___” is called the informational search intent, where a user is trying to learn. Similarly when a user searches for a product/service review or searches to learn more about the product or service, then it’s called preferential intent.

After 6 months of research study, Google discovered none of the users’ search intent was similar nor made any sense. However, they narrowed down 3 common aspects among these users

  • Learn
  • Find
  • Buy

How Search Intent can redefine your SEO and Marketing Funnel?

What are the different types of Search Intent?

Informational Search Intent

Informational search intent defines the user’s goal, where a user is trying to learn or find certain information about a product, service, recipes, celebrity, or even a definition, etc.. It is one of the most common search intent as per Google, which receives millions of searches every minute with similar search intent.

For Example:

Preferential Search Intent

This is the next stage to informational search intent, where a user is ready to buy, yet still trying to research more about the product or service or brand by narrowing down the preferences like cost, quality, features etc… Preferential Search Intent is close to decision making intent. 

For Example:

Transactional Search Intent or Purchase Intent

Transactional search intent is the third stage of users search, where a user is ready to buy the product or service or subscription. Either way, they no longer intend to research furthermore and are ready to purchase, however these users are currently looking for a place to purchase.

For Example:

  • Marks and Spencer Heels Offer
  • Buy Louis Vuitton handbags
  • Van Heusen Tops sale

Navigational Search Intent or specific location/website search intent

Navigational Search Intent is nothing but users direct search for a brand or website. Sometimes the users could be unsure about the exact URL, so they add additional keywords along with the brand name relevant to their website product or service.

For Example:

What makes search intent so important for SEO?

For instance, we always consider thousands of factors just to make sure our content and website ranks in the first page of Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Like keywords research, Alt Tags, Header Tags, Paragraph lengths etc.. 

In terms of optimizing a content for search intent is pretty hard, because Google decides which content to show in search engine results page (SERP). However, once you have a good understanding about “How Search Intent Works?”, you can optimize your website for the user’s search intent.

To use Search Intent keywords in your website and your content, you have to research SERP search terms. Type your targeted keyword in Google and see what Google comes up with. Otherwise you can use Answerthepublic tool for effective keyword research.

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