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How to increase your online reach with Facebook Advertising?

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Facebook has become a dominant social media platform, with more than 2.9 billion active users per month. Facebook has created an environment, where people spend time connecting with friends, online selling, influencer social media pages etc…

“Do you know? Other than search engine, the Facebook search bar has been the second most preferred search for millions of users” 

Facebook has become a platform of potential audiences, high user preferences data, and most important of all, Facebook has become the hub of the second most preferred advertising market by companies.

How is Facebook advertising different from Google Advertising?

  • Most companies consider Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising as competitors, however Facebook and Google have their own set of audiences with different preferences. 
  • Although Facebook advertising and Google advertising have numerous similar audience targeting features, you can choose which is best for you based on your advertising goal and budget.

“Google Ads can help you increase your sale, while Facebook Ads can help you reach a wide range of customers within your budget”

How to increase your online reach with Facebook Advertising?

Reach a Wide Range of Audiences

In Facebook, people reveal practically every aspect of their life. Like, pleasures and successes of life with their friends, spouse or networks, from meeting and marrying partners, to the birth of children or the celebration of new career advancements or visiting and staying in hotels etc… Apart from that, they also search for products or pages related to their interests, views, philosophies, and values. It gives advertisers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use that data for their advertising campaign to target audiences that fit their campaign goal.

“ Google doesn’t have personal data of users, it has data of search terms made through mobile or laptop, so it makes Google Advertising less preferred advertising strategy by advertisers to target a wide range of audience”

Target Lookalike Audience

The ability for advertisers to create “lookalike audiences” has paved the way for advertisers to target audiences that have similar preferences to their existing and potential customers. Advertisers can now upload customer information from their website databases to Facebook, which helps narrow down audience targeting with data from Facebook as well as the existing customer and potential customer data.

This helps advertisers to increase the potential reach to targeted “lookalike audiences” who have a higher probability of purchasing your product. Through this advertising method, you get to reach a wide range of audiences with similar interests to your existing customers and as well as create a sales funnel.

Highly qualified PPC

Facebook and Google frequently experiment with new advertising strategies to provide the best outcome for the advertisers. 

For Example, Previously Facebook had mandated its advertisers to use no more than 20% of text in Facebook Ad images, now it has removed that rule to increase the advertiser’s opportunity to reach a wide range of audiences.

Despite this significant shift in its advertising policies mandated in different countries. Facebook remains an essentially growing advertising platform, which acts as a most preferred platform for advertisers when it comes to reaching a wide range of diverse audiences.

Cost Friendly Advertising

Advertisers and companies that experiment with the Facebook Advertising platform are frequently amazed by the range of targeting opportunities, as well as the tools available for designing attractive and engaging ads. However, what surprises the new advertisers is, the potential ROI gained through Facebook advertising and as well as how advertisers can use even the smallest budget to advertise.

However, the budget can vary depending on your advertising campaign requirements like audience size, Cost-per-click (CPC), Pay per click (PPC), visual ads etc… Facebook ads are affordable to every kind of advertiser, especially when considering the potential Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and audience reach.

Here is, How an advertising agency in Tirana can boost your business growth?

How can we help set up Facebook Advertising for your business growth?

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