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How Google’s Three Strike Ad Policy can wreak havoc among Non-Google partners?

Don’t let non-Google partners ruin your brand’s reputation. Google’s three-strike ad policy ensures your ads are safe and appropriate

How Google is trying to improvise Search and Advertising performance?

As a Google Partner, it’s our responsibility to educate you about their updates and policies that bring change to your advertising strategies. In recent years, Google has been working towards creating a better online environment for both users and advertisers. For organic ranking, Google has started  focusing on “Mobile-First” update due to large number of rising mobile phone users and maximum number of hours spent in mobile on daily basis. 

On the other hand, for Paid Ranking, Google has implemented a new advertising policy which can flag inappropriate ads that can harm or create violence in the community.

How Google's Three Strike Ad Policy can wreak havoc among Non-Google partners?

In our recent post about Google’s Advertising Policy, we have explained what type of ads will be flagged and what type of advertising campaign accounts can be banned. So, What made most of the advertisers panic is the possibility of “Irrelevant flagging in Google Ads“. It’s been a common problem, where most of the Google Ads get flagged easily due to an error from the support team and as well as the advertisers.

Here is Google's Three Strike Ad policy along with "What triggers them and What's the penalty you face?"


When your Google Ad doesn’t follow the policy as we mentioned in the above “Google’s Advertising Policy”, you will be warned and the Google Ad you placed will be instantly removed. No further penalties.

First Strike:

Violating the Google Advertising Policy within the first 90 days of receiving your “warning”, your Google Ad Account and Google Ad Campaign will be placed on hold. Where none of your Google Ads can be run for three days.

Second Strike:

Violating the Google Advertising Policy again after 3 days “First Strike”, your account will be placed on hold for 7 days. This is the final strike before your account gets suspended and all your Google Ad Campaigns are completely stopped.

Third Strike:

Violating the Google Advertising Policy after the “First and Second Strike”, this time your Google Ad account will be completely banned and Google campaigns that are already running Google Ads will be stopped or removed

As an Advertiser, How can you make sure your Ads don't violate the new Google Advertising Policy?

Many advertisers have already expressed their concern, about how most of the Google Ad gets flagged frequently even before the “New Updated Google Ad policy

  • You can never predict, Which Google Ad can violate the new Google Ad Policy? So be mindful of what type of content you use for a Google Ad campaign.
  • Apart from content within the Google Ad, the destination URL, website and extensions can lead to a violation of Google Ad policy. So make sure to test and optimize ads before submission. You can even use a new account just for Google Ad testing, so you can save the format and use it in the main Google Ad Campaign account for the advertising.
  • Whenever you receive a notice for violating Google Ad Policy, make sure to find out what triggered it by contacting the support team.
How can we as a Google partner can help your business grow?

UTDS Optimal Choice is a  Google Partner in Albania. and a reputed Google Partner in Albania. Being a Google partner and to create quality in advertising, we follow all norms and policies to make sure none of our clients face any drawback. Contact us at contact@utds.al and let us know, How can we help your business grow?

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