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3 most important advantages of working with a Google Partner in Albania

Don’t settle for mediocre results. Work with a Google Partner in Albania for unparalleled expertise and proven success in online growth.

In the current scenario of business growth, Advertising has become the only means of reaching out to the right audience, generating leads or increasing sales. However most of you might think, What about Organic Ranking?

Whenever we think about growing our online presence through Organic Ranking, the first thing that comes to our mind is either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) nor Social Media Optimization (SMO). However, most of us actually forget “How it really works?”, both SEO and SMO act as a pillar in online business presence but not the source of business growth. Do understand the difference here.

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As per the data gathered from Startup Founders in LinkedIn, they’ve expressed How today’s business growth works,

  • Organic Business Growth– 10%
  • Advertising Growth – 60%
  • Referral Growth – 20%
  • Personal Branding – 10%

The above term “Advertising Growth” refers to growth of the business through advertising campaigns in search engine and Social Media, while “Referral Growth” refers to Lead Generated through previous clients or Lead Generated through Personal Branding.

In this post, we would like to share the benefits or important advantages of working with a Google Partner in Albania. So your investment in Google Advertising gets you the expected Return on Investment (ROI), and do check our other blog posts to know more about Advertising, Website Design, Budget etc..

Search Engine Optimization Tip : In October 2019, Google made a major search update named BERT, which views content from a human point of view. It understands the intention of a query through words and rank contents based on those specific keys. So stuffing up keywords isn’t going to increase page ranking nor online business performance. Use quality content with solutions.

Who is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is none other than a certified expert in handling Google Ads for clients. Google created this partner program to train and certify advertisers to help google clients achieve their business goals through Google Advertising. 

Being a Google Partner in Albania means a company has a large number of Google Ad specialists and a higher Customer Ad performance grade. Most importantly, Google has a series of difficult tests that companies must pass in order to be approved as a Google Partner. Especially, 

  • Google Ad spend
  • Google Ad quality
  • Google Ad performance

The Google Partner Certificate program focuses on these three criteria, as previously stated. Aside from that, a company must become an expert in these categories stated below in order to become a Google partner.

  • Google Ad Manager Tools
  • Google Ad Policy
  • Google Ad Preferences
  • Google Ad distribution for a diverse growth
  • Importantly, Google Partner has to stay updated with beta updates to make sure customers receive better performing Ads.

Here are 3 most important advantages of working with a Google Partner in Albania

Here are 3 most important advantages of working with a Google Partner in Albania

Using Google Ads to promote your business isn’t as simple as turning on a switch, here are the 3 important advantages of working with a google partner in Albania

Google Partners are Advertising Experts

  • As we stated above, each google partner is given multiple tests to prove their expertise in advertising through business growth performance, business ad quality and especially ad spends.
  • The reason is to make sure, the clients who invest in Google Ads gain the expected returns. As per the recent Google Ad data, Google estimates that companies make $2 for every $1 spent in google ads.
  • The only possibility to gain the above outcome is through hiring a google partner in albania like UTDS Optimal Choice. However, we at UTDS Optimal Choice can make sure your Google Ad Campaigns are protected and streamlined to target the right audience, which can increase the outcome even with less cost for pay per click (PPC).

Google Partners stay updated to latest google updates and advertising policy

  • Google releases new updates from time to time for search engine, ad manager, and advertising policies etc… These updates help search engine to be more user friendly and the purpose of these updates is to create a better online environment.
  • Understanding these updates are mandatory to launch advertising campaigns, as these updates entirely reflect on your google ad performance. 
  • For Example : Recently Google released a new three strike advertising policy that has become a threat to non-google partner in Albania. It can get most advertisers banned from google for using inappropriate ads, contexts and content within those ads.
  • On the other hand, Google updated its normal advertising policy about “How an audience should be targeted relevant to the product?”. It’s due to rising teen users, so google wants to provide them a safe online environment.

Google Partners work directly with Google

  • The best thing about working with a google partner in Albania is like working directly with google.
  • It can be really difficult for individuals or non-google partners in Albania to reach out to google incase of an error in funding the advertising campaign or error in advertising campaign.
  • However, Google Partners have their own Google support team who are always ready to help google partners anytime. In case you went into trouble with advertising campaigns while working with Google Partner in Albania, it can be easily rectified within a few hours.

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Why should you hire a Google Partner in Albania?

We are UTDS Optimal Choice, a Certified Google Partner and Growth Expert in Tirana, Albania. We are tight knit team of experts from multiple countries focusing to create a digital market for every business.  Get in touch today for free initial consultation. 

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