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UTDS Optimal Choice Sponsors  Down Syndrome Albania Foundation In Tirana Marathon

Join UTDS Optimal Choice in sponsoring the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation at Tirana Marathon & make a positive impact.

Tirana Marathon is one of the biggest sports events conducted each year in Tirana, Albania. This year is the 6th edition of Tirana’s Marathon with 2500 participants from 33 countries. Each and every contestant who participated in the Tirana Marathon runs for a cause and purpose, as the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj stated in Albanian Daily News;

“Everyone runs for a cause, I choose to run for special Olympics Albania. Everyone is an angel and in our city everyone deserves success based on the support that each and everyone of us could give”

This year, UTDS Optimal Choice has sponsored the  Down Syndrome Albania team and  Alice Taylor. Alice and others are running, to create awareness and to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Albania foundation in this years marathon

UTDS Optimal Choice Sponsors Down Syndrome Albania

Down Syndrome Albania charity foundation raises funds to help children and families living with down syndrome. It’s a charity organization that works with state local services. As per the data collected in Tirana, there are currently around 643 people with down syndrome in Tirana. Down syndrome Albania foundation works alongside companies like UTDS Optimal Choice and local organizations to support them and raise funds for their charity, down syndrome medical needs and for  support of parents and families living with downs syndrome 

UTDS Optimal Choice cares about society and its development, to us each and every human being is equal.

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