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Google Ads Account Suspension: What you need to know

Google Ads account suspended? Here are tips to appeal, recover your account and avoid future suspensions. Learn how to get it reinstated fast

Having your Google Ads account suspended can be detrimental to your online advertising efforts. Understanding Google Ads suspension policies, common violations, and the appeals process is crucial for advertisers looking to avoid account termination.

Google Ads account suspension: What you need to know

Overview of Google Ads Suspension

Google Ads outlines policies that all advertisers must abide by to maintain access to their online advertising platform and tools. Failure to follow these Google Ads guidelines can result in Google suspending accounts temporarily or permanently.

Some of the most common violations that prompt Google Ads account suspensions include:

  • Circumventing systems – Attempting to work around Google Ads rules or optimise rankings in ways that violate policies.
  • Trademark infringement – Using other company’s brand names or trademarks improperly in ad copy or landing pages.
  • Poor ad quality – Having excessive spelling errors, misleading information, or other issues with ad content.
  • Inappropriate content – Directing users to unsuitable or offensive landing pages via Google Ads.
  • Invalid clicks – Artificially inflating traffic or conversions through click spam, bots, or other invalid sources.
  • Enabling dishonest behavior – Facilitating or promoting dishonest or illegal activities through Google Ads.

Understanding Google Ads Account Suspension Notices

When Google Ads suspends an advertiser’s account, an email notification is sent detailing the suspension policy violation. Some key details provided include:

  • The specific Google Ads policy violated
  • Examples of non-compliant ad content or targeting
  • Whether the Google Ads suspension is temporary or permanent
  • Instructions and time frame for appealing the decision
  • Steps to request reconsideration after making corrections


Being aware of the violation explanation in a Google Ads account suspension notice allows quickly identifying issues and starting the appeal process if warranted.

Common Google Ads Policy Violations

While there are many potential infractions that can lead to Google Ads suspensions, some specific violations result in more frequent suspensions and bans. Being aware of these high-risk areas can help advertisers be extra vigilant. 

Trademark Violations

Using another company’s trademarks improperly frequently triggers Google Ads suspensions. This includes:

  • Keyword stuffing with other brands names
  • Bidding on competitors trademarks as keywords 
  • Using trademarks misleadingly in ad copy
  • Making unsubstantiated comparative claims about competitors


Avoiding trademark conflicts requires carefully vetting ad copy, keywords, and landing pages.

Counterfeit Products

Promoting or facilitating the sale of counterfeit goods will cause Google Ads accounts to be banned swiftly and permanently. Avoid:

  • Selling fake replicas of luxury, tech, or patented products
  • Directing users to sites selling inauthentic goods  
  • Making it difficult to discern authenticity of products


Google Ads has a zero tolerance policy for advertising counterfeits. 


Misrepresentation involves deceptive practices like:

  • Luring users to sites under false pretenses
  • Having ad/landing page content mismatch
  • Promising products, services or outcomes that can’t be delivered

Any type of egregious bait-and-switch practices or blatantly misleading users will raise red flags.

Privacy Violations 

Respecting users privacy is paramount. Google Ads infractions like:

  • Sharing or selling data without consent  
  • Collecting personally identifiable information deceptively
  • Targeting minors with adult content promotions

can create serious problems with account suspensions.

How-to Appeal for Suspended Google Ads Account

If you believe Google Ads suspension is unwarranted or want a second chance after fixing problems, you can submit an appeal or request reinstatement. Here are some tips for successfully navigating these options:

  • Act quickly – Appeal within the window specified in the Google Ads notice, usually 5-7 days.
  • Be honest – Don’t deny true policy violations. Explain oversights and how you’ve addressed them.
  • Correct issues – Fix flagged ad content, targeting options, etc. before requesting reinstatement.
  • Highlight improvements – Demonstrate steps taken and controls implemented to avoid further Google Ads violations.
  • Request human review – If automated reviews uphold suspension, ask for a specialist to manually reevaluate.

How-to Avoid Unwanted Google Ads Account Suspension

The best approach is being proactive and avoiding policy violations that trigger Google Ads suspensions in the first place. Here are some best practices advertisers should follow: 

  • Review Google Ads policies thoroughly and regularly
  • Use common sense vetting for ad content and landing pages
  • Monitor Google Ads accounts for sudden changes signaling problems
  • Outsource ad management to reputable Google Partner
  • Learn from others Google Ads violations shared in forums and news sites

Staying in good standing takes work, but pays off by enabling uninterrupted access to Google’s highly effective advertising system and features. Avoiding unwanted Google Ads suspensions or quickly appealing them after making fixes should be top priorities for advertisers.

Benefits of Appealing Wrongful Account Suspension

If your account was suspended unjustly, appealing should absolutely be considered. When successful, appeals can enable:

  • Quickly reinstating accounts to prevent costly disruptions
  • Resuming campaign optimisations already underway  
  • Recouping credentials and performance history
  • Avoiding lost revenue from interruptions 
  • Preserving ability to re-engage previous site visitors

Essentially, acting on the Google Ads appeal process helps advertisers efficiently get accounts back on track after incorrect or overly harsh suspensions.

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