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7 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Get ready for an exceptional website design experience. Discover 7 crucial factors for your perfect online presence. Let’s get started!

You could be an online seller, service provider, and exploring enthusiast, there is always an audience for “What you do and What you sell”. Whenever the question is going to be “how to do it?” Some people choose social media as their first preference, because most of them don’t want to take risks in investing to sell products or services or share what they feel. We appreciate your thought on that, for kickstarting your lifestyle to become better and grow

Yet Social Media is just another closed platform that makes you give up on your dream of growth in a short period of time if you’re not investing a big chunk of money in Social Media Ads. In a world full of price tags, “How could they offer you free growth in Social Media ?” Think about it

Here we would love to guide you, 

  • Why should you have a website?
  • What do you gain from it?
  • How to use free resources like social media to help your business grow?
  • Finally, 10 things we need to know before designing your website

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Why should you have a website?

Websites have become the only identity of every firm in today’s digital world, which is fully reliant on the internet. Whatever your business is, whether you are a plumber looking for more clients or a product seller with a product that is in high demand, a website that shows your worth may bring in new customers. When it comes to business growth, even a simple website and a well-targeted Google ad campaign may bring more people to your retail and online stores.

All firms who feel that working purely offline or selling just through their social media platforms is adequate to have a short shelf life. If this content already looks to be apocalyptic in the context of your brand, you must stay and read it through.

"With top 5 features you can make your website stand out from the crowd"

What do you gain from it?

  • With a Website, you can gain visibility for your business, whether it is an opulent restaurant, a beachfront hotel, a brick-and-mortar store or a small-time seller or service provider. A one-time investment in a website provides your company with strong visibility among audiences in your area and throughout the country. 
  • The website allows future and existing customers to discover the services you provide, improvements to services, special offers or discounts during special occasions, and even the values you provide to clients. You don’t have to engage in an offline marketing campaign or Social Media, every time you want to inform your customers; all you have to do is update the website and send out the customer newsletter. It’s quicker, easier, and less expensive.
  • Aside from providing you with company visibility, the Website also provides you with credibility. You may be wondering how. People that visited your website and obtained good services from your organisation would tell others about it through business reviews on networks like Yelp or Google Business. You may ask your current customers to evaluate your service or product, giving your company more visibility and reputation.

How to use free resources like social media to help your business grow?

Social media presence allows you to get new visitors to your website through numerous channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, among others…Using social media and posting often for your target audience can help you raise the rank of your website in SERPs and find new customers through social media platforms.

Well, you should understand, even if you don’t have many audiences on your social media pages. A website gets you the expected audience through multiple ways and one among them is social media presence.

Before getting into the topic, we just want to share a few points about Website Design

  • Every website design is created with a certain goal in mind, whether it is to find new clients, function as an online reference point, or Key to accelerate your growth. 
  • If you’re new to online selling, there are a plethora of website design suggestions available on the Internet that might be confusing. 
  • Everyone who wishes to operate a business or blog website online has an opinion on “How their website design should seem like?” But the issue is, “Are you looking at it from the standpoint of a customer or client?”

After going through, what we have said above if you acknowledge the importance of websites and how they can help your business grow. Well, this part will make you understand,

  • What do we need from you?
  • How can we give life to your requirements in a way the customer feels connected to your business growth?

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7 things we need to know before designing your website

7 things we need to know before designing your website
Website Purpose

Website purpose is the necessary core concept that helps us to create a unique website design for your company. Most people would think, website purpose means something like ecommerce website or blogging website etc… There is still more to it, websites are built based on these four categories

  • Authority Website

Manufacturing and construction enterprises are the primary users of the Authority Website. Their Professional Website serves primarily to publicise their most current works, projects, designs, and ideas.

  • Lead Generation Website

Companies that provide a variety of online and offline services are the primary users of the Lead Generation Website. These businesses use lead generating websites to attract more customers and anybody prepared to pay for their services.

  • Sales Website

Sales Websites are another name for Ecommerce Websites. The sales website’s goal is to sell a product online to the proper audience and help them grow.

  • Utility Website

The Utility Website category includes Social Media, Blogs, and News Channels. To be more specific, social media is the exact definition of a utility website. It can be used by anybody to produce leads, sales, credibility, and visibility.

Targeted Audience

The targeted Audience plays an important role in the website design process. First, you would have to understand, 

  • Who would require your product or service?
  • Who can afford them?

These categories define how a business grows and thrives to have a future. Without targeting an audience and trying to sell your service or product randomly wouldn’t do any good for your business growth. Sharing about your targeted audience, will help us understand “How your website design should look like for your audience ?”

Call to Action (CTA)

If you’ve gone through the website’s purpose and targeted audience, you might get an idea “what type of website design would be helpful to target your audience ?” and here is the important part, “what do you want your customers to do when they visit your website ?” If you’re an online service and offline service provider, the Call to Action (CTA) button will help your customers make a decision immediately to contact your customer support or book an appointment with you. Even if you’re an online product seller, with a Call to Action (CTA) button your customers can add your product to their wish list or purchase the product in a click.

Brand and Value
  • Colour Scheme

Most of the companies that plan in the long run, always choose specific brand colours to represent their brand value, product uniqueness, and business representation. Such representations play an important role in creating a brand identity and also help us create a unique website design for your brand audience.

  • Goals and Missions

Goals and Missions are what attracts the customers or clients the most. Your Goals and Missions describe where you will be in the future and an important aspect of all your goal accomplishment attracts investors. The reason we ask for your goal and mission is to support you through your business growth and also help you with the best website design to help you accomplish your goals. 

Number of pages your website requires

Every business has a different requirement, if you’re a Saas or B2B you would require more number of pages in a website, something around 20 – 50 pages which will include service elaboration, tool elaboration, knowledgeable guide, support guide, forums etc… So your preferences are important to help you with a website design. Even if you want to Update a website page or add a website page, we will help you with that.

Website Design and Responsiveness
  • User Friendly

Whenever there is a new visitor to your website, they love to go through your website. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are used to building the workflow as well as smoothness in the website. Being a user yourself, at some point in your life, you would’ve exited a website because it wouldn’t load sooner or the website wasn’t smoother. The reason is the bad website design, it ruins every viewer’s first time experience with your website.

  • Mobile Friendly

Current Digital Transformation has made almost 70% of users worldwide depend on their phone for an immediate transaction, google search and online purchasing etc… Having a mobile-friendly website will help you gain an audience from that 70%.


Finally, it’s the budget. When it comes to cost, “ Never go for cheap ones” cheap ones will cost you more than just money, they will ruin your business value. If you’re a startup and it will be hard to build sooner once cheap quality website design ruins the business value.

"If you want to go for cheap one's just because of your budget, we can help you understand "how to allocate budget for your website design" Check the link"

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