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Importance Of Mobile Friendly Website In SEO

Get more clicks & sales! Learn why a mobile friendly website is crucial for reaching today’s on-the-go audience

Imagine you’re looking for a cool place to eat dinner tonight. You pull out your phone and search for “best pizza restaurants near me.” The first few websites you check out look totally weird on your small phone screen. The words are tiny, the pictures are a blurry mess, and you have to zoom in and out like a million times just to click anything. Frustrating, right? You’d probably just give up and look elsewhere.

Those sites you struggled with are not mobile friendly, which means they aren’t designed to work nicely on phones and tablets. On the other hand, mobile friendly websites automatically adjust themselves to fit smaller screens perfectly. This makes them a total breeze to use on your mobile device.

Importance Of Mobile Friendly Website In SEO

So why is having a mobile friendly website so super important these days? Here are the major reasons:

Everyone Uses Mobile Devices Now

Think about it – you pretty much take your smartphone with you everywhere. And you’re not alone! Over half of ALL website traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets. That’s how many people are using them to browse the internet. 

If your website doesn’t work great on mobile, you’re basically turning away more than half of your potential visitors and customers before they even get to your site. Not a good business move!

Just imagine you’re running an awesome pizza restaurant. If your website is a nightmare to use on phones, you could be missing out on tons of orders from hungry people searching for “pizza delivery near me” while they’re out and about. All because your site looked wonky on their mobile device so they just looked elsewhere. Ouch!

Google Loves Mobile-Friendly Sites

When you search for something on Google, you probably want to see websites that are easy-to-use on your particular device, right? Well, Google feels the same way. That’s why they prioritise showing mobile first pages at the very top of search results when someone searches on a phone or tablet.

The opposite is also true – sites that are not mobile friendly get pushed way down in search results, making them really hard for mobile users to find. Google wants people to have a good, seamless experience, so they give top priority to mobile-ready sites.

This is a huge deal because getting listed at the top of Google can make or break whether your site gets any visitors from mobile searches or not. If your website doesn’t make Google’s mobile-friendly cut, you’re likely going to struggle to show up in those valuable mobile search results at all.

Happier Users = More Success  

Visiting a mobile friendly website on your phone or tablet is just a way better experience overall. The big text is easy to read without squinting or zooming. The buttons are nice and large for your fingers to tap. And you can see full pages without doing all kinds of pinching and scrolling horizontally. Basically, it just works really well!

When users are happy rather than frustrated, they tend to view more pages on your site and stay around much longer. This gives you more opportunities to keep them engaged with your amazing content or products. Happy mobile users are also way more likely to take actions that are good for your business’s growth, like:

  • Making a purchase 
  • Signing up for your email list
  • Sharing your site on social media
  • Leaving a positive review

Those are all incredibly valuable things that can help your website and business grow even bigger over time. But if your site is a mess on mobile, those opportunities are probably going out the window. Check our guide, seo basics for beginners to know more.

Just picture someone trying to buy something on your online store from their phone, but giving up because nothing works right. Or someone bouncing from your site after 5 seconds because it looked crazy on their tablet. Not ideal!

How Do You Create Mobile Friendly Websites?

The main keys to mobile-friendly awesomeness are responsive web design, fast load times, and optimised mobile usability. Let’s break those down:

  • Responsive web design automatically adjusts your site’s layout and formatting to perfectly fit any screen size – phone, tablet, desktop, you name it. This prevents things from looking tiny, broken, or wildly distorted on different devices.
  • Optimizing load times for mobile is also critical by compressing large images/code and using other performance best practices. Nobody likes when sites take forever to load, especially on a mobile connection.
  • Finally, mobile usability is the little things that make mobile browsing smooth, like larger tap targets for menus/buttons, readable text sizes without pinching to zoom, and seamless mobile navigation. A great user experience is priority #1.

If you’re not sure whether your site checks all of these boxes, you can easily test it out. Just Google “mobile friendly test” and check out Google’s awesome free tool that scores and evaluates your mobile-friendliness.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, maximising your mobile friendliness just makes for a way better experience for the huge number of visitors checking out your site on phones and tablets these days. And when people have a great experience on your mobile site, amazing things can happen:

  • Increase website traffic from mobile users finding you easily through Google searches.
  • Lower bounce rates as people stick around longer instead of instantly leaving.
  • Higher conversion rates for purchases, email sign-ups, and any other actions you want people to take.
  • And more positive reviews.

As time goes on and mobile devices keep getting more popular, having a site that is 100% mobile optimized will only become more crucial. So don’t wait – make sure your website offers an awesome mobile experience right from the start. Your users and your business’s growth will seriously thank you! 

At UTDS Optimal Choice, we specialize in creating captivating online experiences. Our expert team of web developers can craft a stunning, user-friendly website tailored to your brand and business goals. From concept to launch, we handle every aspect of the process, ensuring a seamless and engaging digital presence. Contact us now for free consultation.

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