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Wondering Why aren’t there any visitors to your website? Then Read this

Boost your website traffic with these proven tips! Learn how to attract visitors and increase engagement with our expert advice

Having a website has become a necessary requirement these days for EVERY business; online is the first place most people visit when they wake up and the last place they visit before they go to bed. Today’s kids use Google and Alexa to check out the websites of their personal favourites, you can bet they can easily spot a bad web design and slow loading websites.

Visitors can learn more about a company locally and internationally by visiting a website.

The most important thing to remember is that almost every business has fierce competition. It is critical for every business individual to think outside the box in order to be successful in any business platform. Hundreds and thousands of similar businesses compete to get a good market share by grabbing the attention of their target audience, especially a good website plays an important role in turning every audience into a customer.

“ As per Info Entrepreneurs, understanding who your competitors are, helps you focus on a goal to succeed and overcome from the competitive state”

You might have been mulling over an idea for months and have now decided to put it into action. You design your website with meticulous attention to detail, publish material that you believe would pique people’s interest, and eagerly monitor your statistics to see how your efforts are faring. You get excited for a minute when you notice a blip here and there, but most days you see a very little action. What went wrong exactly? Why aren’t there any visitors to your website?

You must consider two distinct views in order to answer this question (and solve the problem). 

To begin, you must

  • First, immerse yourself in the inner workings of a search engine and get an understanding of how information is discovered and recognized.
  • Second, imagine yourself in your possible readers’ shoes (or behind the computer) and consider their likely actions.

“As per Forbes article on “Why Every Business Needs a website”, A Website saves you time and acts as a 24*7 customer service. It helps your new customers and retaining customers to understand more about your company updates as well as services you offer”

Wondering Why aren't there any visitors to your website ? Then Read this...

Wondering Why aren't there any visitors to your website? Then Read this...

If you want your website to stand out from the crowd and receive a constant amount of viewers, follow this 5P rule or 5 pillar rule

  • Website Design
    • Responsiveness
    • Navigation
    • Loading Speed
    • Hosting
    • Domain
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Schema.org
    • Meta and Header Tags
    • Core Keywords
    • Long Tail and Short Tail Keyword
    • Backlinks
  • Call to Action
    • Newsletter or Email Subscription
    • Contact Support and Purchase Button
  • Blog
  • Social Media Presence

And if you’re thinking about Advertising, it is the next stage to make your business grow. Consider Advertising as an Architecture above the pillars, once you have made your pillar strong then the advertising expenses can get you the expected ROI

Website Design

User Experience/User Interface are vital for website design and development, it makes your website look stunning, easy to use, and you can easily navigate through each page without any lag in the website

  • Responsiveness

          Every user who visits your website  would love to go through, what your business represents and its value. None of them would be happy to go through a lagging website.

  • Navigation

          Each and every page on your website should be easily reachable by every visitor of your  website. So make sure, each and every page is responsive. Some links to each page are easily accessible.

  • Loading Speed

          Most people think their loading speed might be due to network or bandwidth speed. But most of the time, it would be due to stuffing up more HD images, videos, and animations, especially unwanted or unused codes can be the main reason for your slow       website speed.

  • Hosting

          When it comes to hosting, the space and speed of the hosting are important to make your website work smoother at all times.

  • Domain

          How to choose your domain?

          Consider your domain name to be easily pronounceable and memorable. 

          If you’re running a plumbing company, use the keyword plumbing in your domain name which represents your business and use another Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related keyword to make your domain rank among similar companies

           For Example, Consider we have a plumbing business

           Emergency + Plumbing = emergencyplumbing

          (SEO) + (Most searched keyword related to Business)   

          And next, you have to choose a country where your business is located or where you provide your service. Each domain category represents a country while (.com) is commonly used for international businesses that supply their products throughout the world. Eventually, few corporate companies have started to use country-based domains, for ease of reach within the specific country

          Like amazon.co.uk, amazon.in, amazon.com, and amazon.ae etc…

          For Example, considering our business is in the United Kingdom and want to provide our services within the United Kingdom then choosing (.co.uk) domain will make our work easy and easier to reach people within our country.

“Each and every business needs a different kind of website design, it should serve a purpose, goal, and explain the value of your business. Do check our blog post about How to allocate budget for your website design

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When it comes to SEO, it’s all about content quality within your website and optimizing to make it recognizable for Google Search Algorithm.

  • Schema.org

        Schemar.org is developed by major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex, to make their webmasters easily crawl through your website. It’s vital to add Schema.org codes and relevant information within your website, as it gives more benefits in SEO.

  • Meta and Header Tags

         Header tags make a search algorithm understand what you’re trying to say within the specific content and what you’re trying to convey through a specific topic. And on the other hand, Meta tags point out “what does your  website contain from header to footer and what it’s related to”. Without Meta tags and header tags, search engine webmaster crawlers wouldn’t promote your website in search engines under any circumstances unless you add/change the Meta and header tags relevant to your business or content.

“Here is an article from Google Developers about types of Meta tags google understands and how it categorizes your website based on your meta tags”

  • Core Keyword

          Core keyword is what you use in your website to make your webmaster crawlers understand, “what is your content about?” and “what is it trying to convey?”

          For example: This content is entirely about “website” and “how to gain viewers to the website ?”, so if you use Ctrl+f and check the keyword “website”. You could see, We used “Website” as the core keyword and our content revolved around the topic “website”.

  • Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

          Short Tail keywords refer to one or more words related to the content of the business, while long-tail keywords refer to phrases including core keyword as well as the short-tail keyword

          For Example: “Website Design” is a short tail keyword, while the word Website is the core keyword. On the other hand, “Why aren’t there any visitors to your website?” is a long-tail keyword.

“The Major part of SEO revolves around Content Marketing, and content marketing tactics help your business gain a long term growth as well as acts a broad range solution”

  • Backlinks

          Backlinks help you rank in the Search Engine Results Page. To gain backlinks, you’ve to  reach out to online influencers like bloggers or businesses that can gain benefit through you, with high Domain Authority (DA). So they will allow you to write a post about your business, vision and mission on their page which will help you gain more views through their daily viewers.

“Online business experts estimate backlinks can serve 50-60% of website ranking in Search Engine Results Page(SERP) as per NCB news article”

Call to Action

Call to action links or buttons are crucial for your business, that will make a viewer take a faster decision in reaching out to you for product purchase or the service requirement.

  • Newsletter or Email Subscription

          Newsletter or Email Subscription mails can be used as a CTA for faster decision making.

         For Example: If you’re an Online Seller or Plumbing service company, sending mail to your previous customers and new viewers who signed up for email newsletter, related to new offers or monthly service check notifications, will help you grow your business with faster decisions and keeping your customers notified how much they’re important to you.

  • Contact Support and Purchase Button

          Convincing a viewer to convert them into customers is not that easy, giving space for them to think further is a risk of losing your viewer who can be converted into a customer. So using the Call to Action (CTA) button in relevant places for ease booking your service or faster checkout will help a viewer make a decision faster.


You can be a service provider or product seller, to keep your website alive. You have to make sure to use blogging as a tool to gain viewers frequently. Check our blog post “ Top 5 features to make your website stand out from the crowd”, so you would get a better idea of how blog posting and contents within your website attract viewers.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence helps you gain new viewers through various channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest etc… Some people search for a product or service on Google. Using social media and posting frequently for your targeted audience will help you increase the website rank in SERP, as well as find new customers through social media platforms

How can we help you grow?

If you have gone through what we have said above, it might look like a lot to swallow. Well, you don’t need to worry about that, we provide end to end online brand creation and business growth solutions to make sure your business sees constant growth. From Website Designing to managing your customers with CRM, we take care of your business performance from scratch to creating a benchmark among your competitors.

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“Do you know Why Google Partner Agency is your best bet to grow? Check it out”

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