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How LinkedIn personal branding is taking over social media platform by storm

Discover the power of LinkedIn personal branding and how it’s revolutionizing social media. Take your personal brand to new heights !

Most of us would’ve at least heard about branding and how major brands implement new strategies or techniques to boost business performance. Well in recent years, this branding has evolved in a consecutive manner where a product or business transaction takes place through identifying individuals as the brand, rather than companies or product as a brand identity.

During a TED talk in 2018, personal branding expert Dr. Talaya Waller revealed, How personal branding is taking over business branding? And how does it impact businesses to invest in personal branding?

As there are numerous social media platforms for specific purposes, most branding experts prefer LinkedIn as it has more business opportunities compared to any other social media platform.

For Example : Businesses that need to sell a product to consumers like B2C, prefer to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.. However, when businesses need a solid high end client or business partnership, LinkedIn is the only platform with diverse decision making users. With 830 Million members LinkedIn has become the most preferred social media platform for number of Industrialists, Business Professionals, CEOs and CMOs, etc..

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What is Personal Branding?

A Personal Branding is nothing but an individual exposure to the online world, where your skills, experience, knowledge, and values help you precede your business growth.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a startup, how you portray yourself to your audience says a lot about your business and How trustworthy you’re when it comes to helping a business grow.

Come to think of it, consider thinking about major brands and their exposure. Whenever you hear about Elon Musk, the next thing that comes to mind is Tesla or his Mars mission.

“Did you know Elon Musk saves a large chunk of money from marketing his product “Which is also called $0 Marketing Budget Strategy”, and using simple tweets to boost Tesla growth?”

You heard that right, that’s the value of personal branding where people or potential clients trust your product or service you offer through you.

The Importance of Personal Branding in LinkedIn

  • Connecting with like minded people who can help your business grow and create a network of trustworth referrals
  • Increased lead generation and future business prospects
  • Important of all, creating a group of audience who are the major decision makers, entrepreneurs of a wide range of companies.

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How LinkedIn personal branding is taking over social media platform by storm

How to create a personal brand in LinkedIn

Know your Goals
  • Before trying to create a personal brand, you should have a goal “What do you want to achieve from it?” or “Do you want to stand out from the competition?
  • The sooner you establish an actionable goal, the easier it will be to create a successful personal brand strategy.
Focus on your area of Expertise
  • The first step in creating a personal brand is to focus on your area of expertise and make yourself look unique.
  • The expertise you select will assist you in developing a distinct personal brand that reflects who you are.
  • You should also ensure that you are qualified or experienced enough to speak knowledgeably about your chosen area.
Keep it Professional
  • Background check about the brand or product is merely a common trait in the business sector. However, nowadays most prospective clients do go through the business profile of users before getting into business with them.
  • LinkedIn has become the most common platform for such background checks, so keeping it professional and profile filled with content that speaks about your expertise gives you an upper hand in gaining new leads or sales.
Stay Consistent
  • As per LinkedIn Marketing Solution, it is mandatory to post 3x times per week to improve search ranking and create an audience database.
  • Staying consistent in posting content at peak hours will help you create your personal brand and engaging audience.
Post Quality and Unique Content
  • Copy pasting content in LinkedIn doesn’t do any good in creating a personal brand.
  • Your content should have a quality, with your own perspective, and unique too.
  • Importantly, in today’s competitive market, people follow or wish to do business with the businesses or people who can explore the specific concept in a unique way.
  • Personal Brand Management is all about giving your social audience a proof that you’re an expert at “What you do” and “You’re willing to explore further opportunities to help businesses grow

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