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Halloween | Are You Sale Ready?

Get your business Halloween sale ready with tips and tricks on marketing and advertising 2023. Lets Get Spooky!!

Halloween Sale is just around the corner and that means increased consumer spending this holiday season. This spike in spending presents a major sales opportunity for ecommerce and retail businesses.

Are you ready to capitalise on the Halloween shopping surge? With some clever unique digital marketing strategy developed by UTDS Optimal Choice team, you can significantly boost traffic, leads, and sales this Halloween season.

Do you know? Halloween spending reached £8.3 billion in the UK in 2021, up from £7.3 billion in 2020. Online shopping made up £2.7 billion of spending last year (Office for National Statistics). Spirit Halloween set a company sales record of over £400 million during Halloween 2021. Tesco's Halloween sales in 2021 increased by a "low double-digit" percentage compared to 2020

Halloween | Are You Sale Ready?

Use Paid Ads to Reach More Shoppers

Paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing are extremely effective for targeting audiences interested in Halloween-related products. Setting up robust paid ad campaigns across these platforms can help you get your products in front of consumers right when they are searching for and deciding on purchases.

Google Ads

Google Ads should be a core component of your Halloween sales strategy. When shoppers search for related keywords like “Halloween sale” and “Halloween offers,” your ads can appear at the top of the search results page. Make sure to bid on seasonally relevant keywords and create ad copy that speaks directly to seasonal buyers. Drive traffic to landing pages featuring your Halloween sale or offer.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Together, Facebook Ads and Instagram offer unparalleled reach to specific demographics. You can tailor your ads directly to users who have expressed interest in or searched for Halloween-related topics. Targeting by interest and behaviours will put your products in front of those most likely to purchase this holiday season.

Using captivating visuals and clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs) in your Facebook and Instagram ads will maximise engagement.

Bing Ads

While not as widely used as Google, Bing Ads are still an excellent avenue for reaching people researching and shopping for Halloween. Bing allows you to syndicate ads across their search engine as well as their Yahoo and AOL properties. Focus on precise keyword targeting to promote Halloween products to high intent searchers.

Most important thing is, it’s cost efficient and affordable. Google ads is usually packed up with highest bidders, while Bing has lot of room for small bidders as well.

Optimise for Halloween SEO

While paid ads put your Halloween sale and offers in front of motivated shoppers, SEO brings in additional targeted organic traffic from search engines. There are several optimisations you can make to capitalise on SEO this Halloween:

  • Update on-page content with relevant Halloween keyword phrases. Use Google keyword planner tool to find relevant keywords for free or our blog post for free SEO tools.
  • Create dedicated Halloween sale and offer pages on your website to provide richer, more specific content optimised with Halloween keywords.
  • Publish Halloween-focused blog posts that include keyword-optimised titles, headers, text, alt text, etc. Consider publishing roundups of Halloween products, DIY costume ideas, Halloween recipe ideas, and more to bring in traffic.
  • Add structured data markup to Halloween content to help search engines understand the content. Use standards for events, products, recipes, etc. 
  • Update site navigation with Halloween categories and tags to make seasonal content easy to find.

Implementing Halloween-focused SEO best practices helps increase organic visibility and traffic this fall. The more optimised content you can publish, the better chance of ranking high in Halloween keyword searches.

Engage Social Media Followers

Your existing social media channels are prime outlets for promoting Halloween offers. Come up with creative ways to engage your followers and get them excited about purchasing from you this fall:

  • Share photos and videos of new Halloween sale.
  • Run polls and contests asking followers to vote on their favourite Halloween treats and costumes. These can quickly go viral.
  • Create Facebook Events and Instagram Countdowns for Halloween sale or product launches. 
  • Partner with “Halloween influencers” on Instagram and TikTok to promote products and offers to their audiences.
  • Leverage seasonal hashtags like #halloween, #halloweencostume, #trickortreat to expand reach.
  • Promote early Halloween sales and special “spooky savings” deals to incentivise purchasing.
  • Share DIY costume and decoration inspiration. Tutorials perform extremely well on Pinterest and Instagram.

Getting customers engaged on social media gets your products top of mind as they plan Halloween activities and purchases.

Want to boost your Halloween Sale?

UTDS Optimal Choice specialises in advertising, SEO, Web development, CRM, and much more. We have experience running successful seasonal digital marketing campaigns for ecommerce businesses across various industries.

Our team can help you:

  • Audit your website and optimise it for Halloween SEO opportunities
  • Set up and manage Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing paid ad campaigns
  • Create engaging social media content to promote your Halloween offers
  • Drive more traffic and generate more leads and sales for your Halloween promotions

Let us help you maximise your online presence and sales for Halloween 2023. Contact us today, to get started on your Halloween digital marketing strategy today!

Focused omni-channel digital marketing strategy will help you turn tricks into treats and make the most of this spirited sales opportunity.

Send us a short brief for your project and we will be back to you with a solution for it

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