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Best Halloween Sale Marketing Ideas

Get your business Halloween sale ready with tips and tricks on marketing and advertising 2024. Lets Get Spooky!!

Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy; it’s a golden opportunity for businesses to boost their sales. In 2023, UK consumers spent over £500 million on Halloween-related products, making it a lucrative event for savvy entrepreneurs. This guide will help you create an effective Halloween sale strategy, covering everything from keyword optimisation to marketing campaigns and regional insights.

What is a Halloween Sale

Halloween has evolved into a major shopping event, with consumer spending reaching new heights each year. Understanding the spending patterns and product preferences is crucial for businesses to capitalise on the Halloween spirit.

Why Halloween is Important for Businesses

  • Increased consumer spending: In 2023, the average UK consumer spent £100 on Halloween items. (Statista)
  • Opportunity for creative marketing: 65% of consumers look for unique, themed products during Halloween. (Contact Pigeon)
  • Potential for attracting new customers: 40% of shoppers try new brands or stores during Halloween sales. (Global Data)
  • Seasonal boost to sales figures: Many businesses report a 20-30% increase in October sales. (UK Parliament Research Briefing)

Product Popularity Breakdown

  • Costumes: 40% of Halloween spending
  • Decorations: 25% of Halloween spending
  • Candy and treats: 20% of Halloween spending
  • Greeting cards and party supplies: 15% of Halloween spending

Keyword Research and Halloween SEO Optimisation

Keyword Research and Halloween SEO Optimisation

To ensure your Halloween sale gets noticed online, it’s essential to use the right keywords. For instance, here are the most searched terms related to Halloween sales:

  • Halloween sale
  • Halloween sale UK
  • Halloween sale ideas
  • Halloween sale promotions
  • Halloween sale marketing
  • Halloween sale advertising
  • Halloween discounts
  • Halloween marketing campaigns
  • Halloween advertising tips
  • Halloween sale strategies
If you have noticed the above image, all the popular key terms rank only for the transactional search intent. Transactional search intent is otherwise known as Purchase Intent, where a user is ready to make a purchase. Curious to know, how to optimise your website for user search intent? Check here or Contact us now for free consultation.

How to Perform Keyword Research for Halloween Sales

  • Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to identify popular Halloween-related search terms.
  • Analyse competitor websites for Halloween-related keywords using tools like Ahrefs or Moz.
  • Consider long-tail keywords specific to your products or services, such as “handmade Halloween costumes UK” or “organic Halloween candy sale.”

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Best Halloween Sale Marketing Ideas

Tips for Optimising Your Website and Content

  • Include Halloween-related keywords in your website’s meta tags and descriptions. For example:
    • Title: “Spooktacular Halloween Sale 2024 | Up to 50% Off Costumes & Decor”
    • Description: “Get ready for a frighteningly good Halloween sale! Shop our wide range of costumes, decorations, and party supplies at unbeatable prices. Free UK delivery on orders over £50.”
  • Create Halloween-themed landing pages with URLs like “/halloween-sale-2024” or “/spooky-savings“.
  • Use alt text for images with relevant Halloween keywords. For example: “witch-costume-halloween-sale-2024.jpg” could have the alt text “Witch costume on sale for Halloween 2024”.
  • Incorporate semantic SEO by using related terms like “spooky promotions,” “October deals,” and “trick-or-treat offers” throughout your content.
  • Create internal links to related content on your site, such as “Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas” or “How to Host the Perfect Halloween Party“.
  • Add external links to reputable sources discussing Halloween trends and statistics, like the National Retail Federation’s annual Halloween spending report. Check our SEO guide for beginners to help with your website optimisation.

Creative Halloween Sale Ideas

Stand out from the competition with these innovative promotion and discount ideas:

  • Costume contest discounts: Offer a 15% discount to customers who share photos of themselves in costumes purchased from your store.
  • “Trick-or-treat” mystery bags: Create £10, £20, and £30 mystery bags filled with Halloween goodies worth more than the price.
  • Halloween countdown deals: Offer a different deal each day in October, building excitement as Halloween approaches.
  • Bundle offers: Create themed bundles like “Vampire’s Delight” or “Witch’s Essentials” at a discounted price.
  • Social media photo contests: Run a “Spookiest Selfie” contest with a grand prize of a £100 store voucher.
  • Limited-time “witching hour” flash sales: Offer steep discounts during specific hours, like 60% off from midnight to 1 AM on Halloween.
Case Study Example: The Spooky Bakery's Success

This is an example to demonstrate how a small bakery can even benefit from Halloween sale. The Spooky Bakery, a small business in Manchester, implemented a “Dress Up for Discounts” campaign. Customers who visited the store in costume received a 20% discount on their purchase. They promoted this offer through local Facebook groups and Instagram posts.

Potential Results:

  • 40% increase in foot traffic during October
  • 25% boost in overall sales compared to the previous year
  • New Instagram followers gained through user-generated content

Marketing Strategies for Halloween Sales

Online Marketing Strategies
  • SEO: Optimise your website and content for Halloween-related keywords as discussed earlier.
  • Pay Per Click: Create Halloween-themed ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads. Example ad copy; Headline: “Haunting Halloween Deals | Up to 70% Off” Description: “Costumes, decor & more. Free delivery on £50+. Shop our spooktacular sale now!”
  • Social Media: Run Halloween contests, share themed content, and use holiday-specific hashtags. For example:
    • Instagram post: “🎃 Double tap if you’re ready for our Halloween sale! 👻 Use code BOO20 for 20% off your entire order. #HalloweenSaleUK #SpookySavings”
  • Email Marketing: Send Halloween-themed newsletters with exclusive offers. Example subject line: “Treats, No Tricks: Your Exclusive Halloween Discount Inside! 🎃”
Offline Marketing Strategies
  • In-store promotions: Decorate your physical store and offer in-person discounts. Example: “Find the hidden pumpkins in our store for instant discounts!”
  • Events: Host Halloween parties or themed workshops. For instance, a costume store could offer makeup tutorials for popular Halloween looks.
  • Collaborations: Partner with local businesses for cross-promotions. A candy shop could team up with a costume store for a “Sweet and Spooky” bundle deal.

Creating Effective Halloween Sale Ad Campaigns

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Ad Campaigns
  • Define your target audience: For example, parents aged 25-45 interested in Halloween and children’s activities.
  • Set PPC campaign goals: Increase website traffic by 50% and boost sales by 30% during October.
  • Choose appropriate platforms: Google Ads for user search intent, Facebook and Instagram for visual appeal and targeting. Check here to know more about search intent marketing.
  • Create Halloween-themed ad copy and visuals:
    • Headline: “Haunting Halloween Deals | Up to 70% Off”
    • Description: “Costumes, decor & more. Free delivery on £50+. Shop our spooktacular sale now!”
    • Image: A collage of popular costumes and decorations with a “Sale” banner overlay.
  • Set your budget and bidding strategy: Start with a daily budget of £50 and use automated bidding to maximise conversions.
  • Monitor and adjust your campaign as needed: Check performance daily and adjust bids or budgets for top-performing ads. Want to spend less time in PPC Campaign Management? We have the expertise you’re looking for, Contact Us Now.
Tips for Targeting and Engaging the Right Audience
  • Use demographic targeting to reach Halloween enthusiasts: Target users aged 18-45 interested in Halloween, parties, and costume design.
  • Employ retargeting to re-engage previous customers: Show ads to users who visited your Halloween category pages in the past 30 days.
  • Create custom audiences based on past Halloween purchase behaviour: Target customers who bought Halloween items from you last year.
  • Use ad extensions to provide additional information about your sale: Include price extensions showcasing your best Halloween deals.
Case Studies and Success Stories
Case Study 1: E-commerce Costume Shop

An online costume retailer, implemented a comprehensive Halloween marketing strategy:

  • Created a dedicated Halloween landing page optimised for keywords like “Halloween costumes UK” and “unique Halloween outfits“.
  • Ran a social media contest called “Scary Selfie Challenge” where customers shared photos in their costumes for a chance to win a £200 shopping spree.
  • Utilised email marketing with segmented lists, sending targeted offers to customers based on their previous purchases.


  • 65% increase in website traffic during October
  • 45% boost in sales compared to the previous Halloween season
  • 3000 new email subscribers gained through the social media contest
Case Study 2: Local Party Supply Store

Party Pumpkin,” a brick-and-mortar party supply store , focused on a community-oriented approach:

  • Partnered with local schools to offer group discounts on Halloween party supplies.
  • Hosted a series of in-store Halloween craft workshops for kids, attracting families to the store.
  • Implemented a “Haunted Hour” flash sale every evening in October, promoted through local radio ads.


  • 50% increase in foot traffic during October
  • 35% growth in overall Halloween season revenue
  • Established partnerships with 5 local schools for long-term collaborations
Case Study 3: Themed Restaurant

A themed restaurant in London, created a special Halloween experience:

  • Developed a limited-time “Potion Menu” with spooky-themed dishes and drinks.
  • Offered a 20% discount to customers who came in costume during Halloween week.
  • Created an Instagram-worthy “Witch’s Corner” for photos, encouraging social media sharing.


  • 70% increase in bookings during October
  • 40% boost in average ticket size due to the special menu
  • 2000% increase in Instagram mentions and tags compared to the previous month
Regional Insights and Market Growth
UK Market Focus
  • London:
    • Halloween spending in London increased by 22% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
    • Pop-up Halloween stores in high-traffic areas saw a 40% boost in sales.
  • Manchester:
    • The city’s annual Halloween Parade boosted local business sales by an average of 35%.
    • Family-friendly Halloween events drove a 28% increase in costume and decoration sales.
  • Birmingham:
    • Birmingham saw a 19% growth in Halloween-related business revenues.
    • The popularity of home Halloween parties led to a 45% increase in decoration and party supply sales.
Tailored Advice for UK Businesses
  • Incorporate British Halloween traditions into your marketing, such as themed afternoon teas or “ghost tours” of historical sites.
  • Consider the proximity to Guy Fawkes Night when planning your sale duration. Extend Halloween promotions to include Bonfire Night themes for a longer sales period.
  • Adapt Halloween trends to suit UK consumer preferences, focusing on more subtle, elegant Halloween decor alongside traditional spooky items.
Actionable Tips and Resources
  • Start planning your Halloween sale at least 2-3 months in advance. Create a timeline for product ordering, marketing material creation, and campaign launches.
  • Create a content calendar for Halloween-related posts and promotions. Example:
    • Week 1 of October: Tease upcoming Halloween sale
    • Week 2: Launch early bird offers
    • Week 3: Highlight best-selling items and customer favourites
    • Week 4: Final countdown with daily deals
  • Develop a Halloween-specific email marketing sequence:
    • Email 1: Announce the upcoming sale (2 weeks before)
    • Email 2: Early access for loyal customers (1 week before)
    • Email 3: Sale launch announcement
    • Email 4-6: Highlight different product categories or deals
    • Email 7: Last chance reminder (24 hours before sale ends)
  • Design Halloween-themed packaging or labels for products. For example, create limited-edition “Witch’s Brew” labels for beverages or “Monster Munch” packaging for snacks.
  • Train staff on Halloween sale details and customer service best practices. Conduct role-playing exercises for handling common customer queries about the sale.

How We Can Help You

A successful Halloween sale requires careful planning, creative marketing, and strategic implementation. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can create a Halloween sale that attracts customers, boosts revenue, and sets your business apart from the competition.

UTDS Optimal Choice is a PPC and SEO agency specialising in seasonal marketing campaigns. We can assist you in creating and optimising your Halloween sale strategy through:

  1. Comprehensive keyword research and SEO optimisation
  2. Custom PPC campaign creation and management
  3. Social media strategy development
  4. Email marketing campaign design
  5. Website optimisation for Halloween sales

Contact us today for a personalised consultation on how we can boost your Halloween sales performance. Remember to analyse your results post-Halloween and use these insights to improve your strategy for next year’s sale. With the right approach, your business can turn the spooky season into a spectacular success. Happy selling, and may your Halloween be filled with more treats than tricks!

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