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Google Shopping Ads: How to kickstart your online sales and revenue in 2023

Google Shopping Ads are an effective way to reach potential customers, drive more sales, and increase your ROI. With this guide, you’ll learn how to set up and optimize your Google Shopping Ads to maximize your online sales in 2023.

There are multiple ways to sell online, like multichannel selling, drop shipping, and selling through an online store. You might have the best product in the town nor the best quality of a most used product. However, the common question is “How are you going to find your customers? Are you reaching out to the right audience?” We always have thousands of questions more than a working sales strategy. Isn’t that right? What if we said, Google Shopping Ads can make your products visible to millions of users with just the cost of a click. Here is How;

One of the most common and well known data we know, is everyday billions of users depend on a search engine to search for something from everyday household tips to purchase a product. There are three segment of audience who use the search engine. In this blog post, we will be focusing on only one set of audience segment relevant to online selling.

In recent years, we have noticed numerous ecommerce stores like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and Etsy etc.. And some retail giants steering their course to online platforms like Walmart, IKEA etc.. 

“As a commoner, it’s hard to compete against them and increase our online sales, Isn’t that right?” 

Certainly not true, the way you sell them and strategies you follow will bring in your potential customers and convert the potential leads into sales. One of such fine strategy is to use Google shopping ads to not just compete, but also to bring in more sales without any additional expenses.

Tip: According to Google Data, 51% of shoppers researched about the product before purchasing it

Do you know? Google created Google Merchant Center, where you can display your products and sell online, like every other online selling platform similar to Shopify, Strikingly, BigCommerce etc… The most important thing, it’s completely free.

If you have noticed Google search engine, there is a separate search bar for shopping. Google uses data of the products from merchant centre and displays it in the shopping tab. What if you don’t have a merchant centre account? What if you already have an online store and how to make it appear in Google Shopping Tab? Pretty simple, use product structure data from your website to display your products in the Google shopping tab.

Tip: Create a product structure data in your product page, so Google search bots can crawl and understand your product pricing, categories etc..

As per Google technical team, Google uses both product structure data and merchant center data to display your products in the shopping tab

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Google Shopping Ads: How to kickstart your online sales and revenue in 2023

What is Google Shopping Ads?

If you’re an online seller and still using organic ways like social media optimization, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc.. to drive sales, you might be missing the real growth stability. One of the significant advantage of Google shopping ad to know, it is better than other form of advertising campaigns. Each advertising campaigns drive results based on the purpose, goal, audience segment etc.. Compared to other advertising campaigns, Google shopping ads can directly target the users who search for the product and more efficient than display ads and search ads.

What is Google Shopping Ads?

As I mentioned above, Google shopping ads are more efficient. Here is how it works, it directly targets the user searching for products. Even if you use top notch keywords in search ads. Google shopping ads will be the one that appears at the top. Whereas most of you might already know, higher the rank, more the click. 

Tip: Do you know? Google Shopping Ads account to more than 75% of ad spend worldwide

How Google Shopping Ads work?

8 out of 10 people start with a product search in Google, compared to the number of viewers who directly visit the website.  Each advertising campaign are efficient in their own way, if used right.

For example: Google search ads are so helpful and efficient in ranking your website or online services in the first page of search engine results page(SERP). Similarly, Google local search ads can drive sales to your local shop and Google local service ads can drive sales if you’re a local service provider like plumber/electrician etc.. 

So each advertising campaign is efficient and effective when used right with right strategies.

What happens if you use Google search ads to promote your products?

Most people have to click the search ads in order to look at the product on the website. Every 5 out of 10 users who visit your product page through search ads, leave the website without purchasing it, this No SALE click costed advertisers in millions and as well as leads to high bounce rate (Not good for website).

Google Shopping Ads rectified this problem and increased the conversions, by making your products directly visible in the Google Search tab. Where a user can view your product images, ratings, and enter your website with high intent to purchase your product. Which increases the probability of purchase compared to viewers who visit your website through Google Search Ads.

As per Google, Google Shopping Ads triggered conversions to +90% compared to conversion through search or display ads

Types of Google Shopping Ads

There are two types of Google Shopping Ad campaigns; 

  • Standard Shopping Campaign
  • Smart Shopping Campaign


The primary difference between standard shopping campaigns and smart shopping campaigns are Manual Ad setup and Automation with Advanced Machine learning.

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What’s the difference between Google Standard Shopping Campaign and Google smart shopping Campaign?

Google Standard Shopping CampaignGoogle Smart Shopping Campaign
Full control over the shopping campaignCompletely Automated
Complex manual process to set up the shopping campaignEasy to set up
Full control over location targetingLimited location targeting possibilities
You don’t need any historical data to run the shopping campaignYou need historical data to run the smart shopping campaign efficiently
You can add negative keywordsYou can’t add negative keywords
You can decide schedulingNo Possibility to schedule smart shopping campaign
You can decide network placementYou can’t decide the network placement
You can adjust your BidsAutomated Bidding
Time consuming campaign setupSaves a lot of time

Are you ready to kickstart your sales using Google Shopping Ads?

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