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Did you know, a Google Partner Agency Is Your Best Bet To Growth

Did you know, there are many Digital Marketing Companies that promote their brand value with different certifications to validate the work they do. However, if you are looking for a Digital Marketing company for your business growth, that is worth every penny you spend, you should look for this specific Google Partner Certification.

What is a Google Partner ?

The Google Partner award is a certification given by Google based on three key Indicators

  • Performance
  • Proficiency
  • Amount Spent in Google Ads



A Google Partner must maintain and grow its client base, while delivering strong total Ad revenue and growth for the business. To become a Google Partner, this is among first in the norms or goal to gain the Google Partner Certification. Google verifies the clients we have worked with and checks the key performance of their Google Ads as well as the optimization score of the business. To be able to pass in Performance, one should have at least 70% of optimization score, a measure that shows the agency is making the client Google Ads perform well.



Google Partner companies should have at least 50% of its employees as Google Ads Certified professionals.


Amount Spent in Google Ads

Amount spent in Google Ads is another key indicator to get Google Partner Certification. In the last 90 days, a Google Partner Company should have managed at least $10,000 USD in Google Ads expenditure, demonstrating its ability to assist clients continuously uncover new growth possibilities and improve their Google Ads performance.

Why should you hire a Google Partner Agency?

The best thing about hiring a Google Partner Agency, is that they have access to more Google Ad features compared to those shown in normal Google ad manager accounts.


Google provides access to advanced Google Ad features, Beta tools, training, and certification directly to Google Partners. This means that you are likely to receive a much better Google Ads campaign and revenue generation, through the Google partner agency.

Benefits of hiring a Google Partner Agency 

Google Partner Agencies have an upper hand when it comes to business growth through Google Ads and Ad Campaigns. Here are the benefits of hiring a Google Partner Agency

Google Ad Experts

When you have decided to invest in Google Ads, there is going to be only one way to do so. Either invest in a company that doesn’t have any expertise in Google Ads or invest in a company recommended by Google.


Hiring a Google Partner agency ensures that you are working with a company that is up to date on all of the newest Google Algorithms and Ad Campaign updates. Google expects their partners to keep up with the latest developments. From time to time Google Partner Agency must pass recertification exams to verify that they are up to date on the most recent modifications and newest features.


Google assists these Google Partner Agency by giving the necessary training, so you can trust that the information you’re receiving is accurate. To provide you with revenue generating and well performing Google Ad Campaigns, a Google Partner Agency must stay on top of the changes.

Growth Results

As we have said in “What is a Google Partner?” under the “performance” section, Google Partner Agency should make sure that client business and Google Ad campaigns perform well. It’s one of the norms to be a Google Partner.

Google Partners are always testing different keywords and designing PPC advertisements to discover which ones work best. They’re always testing to see how they can improve their PPC ads for their clients.

This assures that you are working with the most experienced company. They will create the most effective Google Ad Campaigns for your company/business.

Google has a number of features that they test before releasing them to the general public. These features are usually the most recent additions to Google’s Ads system. You can gain leverage over those beta features if you work with a Google Partner agency. The beta features can be integrated into your plan via Google Partners. This gives you an advantage over the competitors.

These capabilities are only available to Google Partners, therefore marketing firms who aren’t Google Partners won’t be able to use them. It’s better to work with a Google Partner marketing firm since you’ll have access to these valuable beta features.


When you’re running a Google Ad campaign, some malware could affect the Google Ad campaigns from providing the expected growth results. It is fairly usual for sites to be infected with malware and their AdWords campaigns to be suspended. It’s common for both Google Partner Agency and Non Google Partner. But the difference is, a Google Partner Agency can resolve the error and get the campaign running back in no time . While a common person and non Google partner have to wait till Google Assigns a Google Partner to resolve the error.


Google AdWords Partners must demonstrate that they follow best practices. This might involve performing active split testing on advertisements to attract the most consumers to a client’s site and ensuring that each campaign group has numerous ads with varied keywords. By targeting the different demographics that fall into a client’s target market. Google recommends it’s Google Partners to try new ways in Google Ad Campaigns that can garner the result in a short period of time . So frequent testing of new Google Ad campaigns paves the way for growth opportunities in Innovative ways.

How can we help your business grow ?

A company’s badge may be revoked if it does not continue to meet Google’s partner status requirements. This ensures that a good level of service is provided regardless of when Partner Status is obtained. When you hire UTDS Optimal Choice, you’re getting a Google-certified agency that also comes with its own guarantee of high-quality service.

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