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Local Service Ads | Right advertising option for your business?

Want to grow your local business? Learn whether local service ads are the right advertising option to boost customers and sales.

People today are more connected than ever, which has given rise to services like Taskrabbit, HomeAdvisor, and Rover.com. As a result, businesses that offer locally-based services have become more common — and profitable.

If your business provides services rather than goods to customers, you might be able to capitalise on this trend by advertising them as a local service on Google Ads; specifically through local service ads. These ads are designed for businesses that provide services directly to users in their area. They’re also perfect for smaller businesses that can’t afford traditional Google Ads campaigns but still want to reach potential customers in their local area.

The best part is that creating and managing local service ads on Google Ads is fairly easy and affordable. Read on for everything you need to know about these ads and how they can help your business…

Local Service Ads | Right advertising option for your business?

What is a local service ad?

A local service ad is a type of Google Ads ad that shows on the search network and/or the Google Maps app. Content surrounding the ad will vary depending on the ad’s format. These ads are intended for businesses that offer services that are available in a specific, localised area. Local services include everything from home repair services to tutoring.

Also known as a local service promotion, local service ads can be used to drive traffic to your website, increase foot traffic, acquire new customers, increase the average booking value, and/or increase positive customer reviews.

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How do you target a customer?

Local service ads are specific ads that are geographically targeted to show only to people in a specific area. They are a type of “Search Network Only” campaign and ad group. They’re a great way to promote services that are only relevant to people in a specific area. These ads are designed for businesses that offer services in a specific area and are not for the sale of tangible items.

For example, if you own a plumbing or electricians company that services the entire county like Brighton and Essex, you’d want to create local service ad for each county specifically “plumbing or electricians services” to promote your service only in the Brighton and Essex region..

How are local service ads different?

Local service ads are different from standard text ads and rich media ads or call-only ads. The difference is that local service ads has special feature that helps the ad rank at the top based on positive customer reviews and customer satisfaction.

For example, standard text or rich media ads need higher budget to run those ads, the more you pay for the click, the more it ranks for specific keywords. However, local service ads rank only for the services you offer and it ranks based on your customer reviews. Most important thing, the ranking doesn’t increase your lead cost or your budget. Better service means better leads.

Why you should use local service ads?

Google Ads advertisers often wonder, “Why would I want to run a local service ad over a text ad, which can be shown throughout the County?” The answer is simple: because it’s more effective.

For example, a general-purpose text ad that is shown to people outside of your potential customer preferences is unlikely to be clicked. Conversely, a local service ad that is shown to only people who is in need of your service “in your area or county” is likely to be converted. Additionally, you will likely find that the local service ads cost is for the lead not for click, which helps lower monthly ad budget and focus on achievable  ROI. .

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Local Service Ads categories

Local Service Ads Categories
Credit - Google

First, you’ll need to decide what type of local service ad you want to run. There are several types of local service ads you can choose from, including: 

  • Services – This is the most common type of local service ad. You can choose from a variety of subcategories, such as roofing, home repair, or tutoring, etc… 
  • Home Services – This includes home improvement and remodeling services. 
  • Professional Services – This includes finance, real estate, law, and other sub categories etc..

And there are many more from locksmiths to plumbing services, Call us now to have a free consultation.

Is this right advertising option for your business?

We’ve spent this entire article talking about the advantages of local service ads and the various ways they can help your business. However, we have to remember that each and every ad campaign works differently based on your goals, purpose, and what you want to achieve through it.

For example, if you’re a small business that only services a local area and does not need to reach customers outside of this area, then these ads are perfect for you. But if your business is a small but growing company that wants to reach customers throughout the country, then local service ads can also help you target the customer within each area by creating individual local service ad profiles for each location. If you’re looking for ways to attract new customers, increase traffic to your website, and boost your sales, local service ads are a great option.

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