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Top Content Marketing Trends to rank in SERP

Want to dominate the SERPS? Check out our list of the hottest content marketing trends and learn how to make them work for your brand!

Content is king in today’s digital world – and content marketing is the crown prince. Well not really!! Unless you are leveraging useful, informative content in an incredibly powerful way to engage customers, promote your brand, and supercharge sales.

As the online landscape evolves at lightning speed, brands that establish themselves as valuable content sources gain a massive competitive edge. You won’t even believe, if i mentioned a top brand is driving incredible traffic to it’s website with just Reels, Tiktok, and Youtube Shorts. Yeah you heard that right!! 

So gear up, level up and scale up your content marketing game. When done right, content isn’t just king – it’s the key to dominating your entire market.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the art of creating and sharing relevant, valuable information to attract and engage a target audience with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action. However the most popular unanswered question is “How to do it?”

Rather than interrupting consumers with ads, content marketing bridges the gap between unwanted sales messages and helpful brand information. Well-produced content that solves problems, shares knowledge and engages audiences helps earn people’s trust over time.

The most successful content marketing strategies are;

  • Focusing on the needs and interests of the audience, not just promotion of products
  • Using an accessible, conversational tone
  • Targeting niche topics and specific buyer personas
  • Is clear, concise and jargon-free
  • Leveraging visual formats and stories to grab attention
  • The main aim is to make your brand easy to know, like, and trust so that when people need what you sell, they’ll choose you.
  • Finally, choosing the right platform.  For instance; Top brands split audiences into various categories, like Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha. As of now, the trending Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Youtube shorts, and other short video platforms are considered as the sales hook of Gen Z and Gen Alpha audience.

Top Content Marketing Trends to rank in SERP

What are the latest content marketing trends?

Content marketing trends are constantly evolving as brands adapt to stay relevant and capture the attention of today’s busy, distracted consumers. Here are some of the hottest content marketing trends in 2023:

  • Longform Niche Content – More brands are focusing on in-depth, niche content between 1,000 to 5,000 words that demonstrates their expertise in specific topics. 73% of B2B buyers prefer long form content from brands they trust.
  • Emotive Storytelling – Brands are leveraging storytelling that sparks emotions to form deep connections with their audiences. Customers share 40% more story-based content on social media.
  • Personalized Content – Marketers are using data and AI to automate personalization at scale. Content tailored to individuals generates 13 times more leads than generic content.
  • Video Marketing Surge – Videos will account for 82% of all website traffic by end of 2023. Brands are embracing tutorials, testimonials, product demos and micro-videos.
  • User Generated Content – Consumers trust peer recommendations over brands. Marketers leverage more customer reviews, photos and videos to create user generated content.
  • Cart and Conversion Content – Marketers are doubling down on helpful guides, FAQs and lists aimed at converting in-market customers including checklists and “how to buy” tutorials.
  • Mobile Optimization – Smartphone usage exceeds desktop for the first time. Brands are adapting style and format for easier reading on small screens. Check here to know more why should you prioritize mobile first website design?

These represent the biggest shifts we have seen in how marketers are creating and sharing content to engage hyper-selective consumers. The trends focus on formats that build deeper levels of connection, utility and personalization.

How to use content marketing trends to your advantage?

The latest content marketing trends represent opportunities for businesses that know how to apply them strategically. Here are some key ways to leverage hot content marketing strategies to boost your success:

  • Target Niche Topics – Identify niche topics within your industry that are in high demand but have limited supply. Create in-depth content to fill that gap and attract the niche audiences with high purchasing power.
  • Tell Brand Stories – Capture attention with emotive brand stories that illustrate how your product or service solves customer problems in a relatable way. Infuse your storytelling with a human voice.
  • Personalize at Scale – Use tools that automate personalization based on basic user profile data. Then, focus content efforts on tailoring the tone, examples and recommendations to specific audience segments.
  • Double Down on Video – Produce a variety of video content formats to distribute across channels from YouTube to social platforms. Create videos that educate, demonstrate and inspire action for different buyer personas.
  • Ask for User Input – Solicit photos, reviews and testimonials from existing customers. Reward contributors to foster an ongoing stream of user generated content you can feature on your site and promotions.
  • Create Conversion Content – Compile FAQs, checklists and “how to buy” guides specifically aimed at converting in-market customers. Focus content on easing the decision making process and purchase journey.
  • Adapt for Mobile – Optimize all new content for easier reading and scanning on small mobile screens. Use bullet points, shorter paragraphs, images and skimmable headlines.
  • Stay Updated – Follow the latest trends by subscribing to content marketing publications, joining LinkedIn Groups and attending online seminars. Adjust your own content strategy based on how trends are evolving customer preferences and needs.

By applying these approaches, you can put emerging content marketing trends to work for your brand by creating the kind of useful, shareable, action-driving content that will get real results.

Benefits of content marketing

Creating and distributing helpful, informative content is one of the most effective marketing strategies available today. Here are just some of the key benefits of a successful content marketing approach:

  • Build Brand Awareness – By consistently publishing relevant content, you raise the visibility of your brand and increase the chances prospects will find you online through search and social media.
  • Establish Expertise and Trust – High-quality, educational content showcases your business as an industry leader and trusted source of information – helping you become the “go-to” for your target customers.
  • Improve SEO Visibility – Google favors websites with fresh, regularly updated content – boosting your organic search rankings and traffic. Over 85% of organic traffic comes from organic search.
  • Increase Engagement – Customers are 4x more likely to engage with relevant content than with traditional ads. Attentive prospects become loyal customers.
  • Enhance Customer Relationships – Helpful, informative content nurtures stronger relationships by answering customer questions, solving problems and anticipating their needs over time.
  • Create Viral Reach – Great content that provides value or entertainment can take on a life of its own, spreading organically via social shares and referrals.
  • Boost Conversions – Ultimately, content marketing aims to inform, engage and inspire prospects so that when they’re ready to buy, they choose your company above all others. Content strengthens the entire buyer journey.
  • Drive Revenue Growth – Businesses that employ content marketing effectively enjoy 48% higher lead generation and 53% more conversions, fueling overall revenue gains.

As you can see, content marketing offers a multitude of benefits that positively affect pretty much every aspect of your business from brand awareness to lead generation to sales and revenue growth. By focusing your marketing strategy around creating and sharing useful, value-driven content, you set the foundation for greater business success.

How UTDS Optimal Choice can help your business grow?

As marketing dynamics continue to shift and evolve, keeping up with the latest content marketing trends and best practices presents a challenge for many busy businesses. That’s where UTDS Optimal Choice can help accelerate your success.

Our team stays up-to-date on the latest trends, constantly refining and evolving our approaches to help businesses like yours cut through the noise, engage customers and generate leads through impactful content marketing.

If you’d like to discuss a custom content marketing strategy designed to boost your results, We’d love to hop on a call and learn more about your business goals. Let me know if you’d like to schedule some time to chat.

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