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How Virtual Reality is taking over future business growth

When we think about how the world has changed from simple flyers, print ads to online websites, it is obvious to ponder how much more the advertising landscape could change.

Many movies and films over the years have portrayed a world reliant on virtual reality for everything from communication, social interaction and more.  

This “Hollywood” world is increasingly stepping into reality, with a likelihood of  a future business world entirely dependent on virtual reality, from business promotion to office meetings.

How has Virtual Reality taken root into future growth?

In recent years, virtual reality has played a major role in improvising the games to be more realistic and interactive. Especially when it comes to education, the students are able to interact with what they learn using virtual reality online programs and doctors are able to understand a patient’s problem in a short period of time using VR. Just two real world scenarios where VR is already a vital part of the modern world.

How can virtual reality lay the foundation for your business growth?

From time to time, it’s the natural progression of the web which constantly evolves and creates new pathways on how content is consumed online.

How can virtual reality lay the foundation for your business growth?

Although, our expectations and curiosity  have been constantly evolving as new technologies emerge. This sudden emergence of the metaverse has even surpassed our expectations in recent times. However, the last 25 years have progressed from just word of mouth to the current metaverse, so far many might haven’t started to accept it yet, but Bitcoin, Tokens, Crypto Currencies, NFT etc.. are all part of the Metaverse. To be precise, everything is being digitised as part of the rising MetaVerse and Virtual Reality growth. 

Similarly, we know there are two types of customer, one that depends on brick and mortar stores for all the purchases, and other that rely on online stores to save some time. However when it comes to purchase, both the customers look for a better experience in purchasing something, memorable and satisfied too. In recent times, the constant evolving in virtual reality has created better experiences for customers in both ways like “AI and AR in Brick & Mortar Stores” or “3D website designs” that can give customers a clear picture of what they’re about to buy.

“Companies like MemoryMirror and CloudCasting have changed the interactive method of customers in offline clothing stores, bars, jewellery stores etc... This counter effective interaction has shown steady increase in customer growth especially in conversion, retaining, and engagement”

Here is, How Virtual Reality is taking over future business growth

Web 3.0 and 3D Website Designs are about to shape the future of both online and offline businesses

Some might question, What is Web 3.0 exactly?

Internet has been growing into different phases from time to time, like

  • Web 1.0 – Syntactic Web with minimal user interaction
  • Web 2.0 – Interactive Web or Social Web with more user interaction
  • Web 3.0 – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and high end user interaction

“ As per expert.ai, Web 3.0 is no longer a dream but a reality where the transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0 is already taking place. While simultaneously many companies are developing platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, Epic Games etc.. to create a user centred interactive platform for both sales and entertainment”

3D website designs shaping the future of businesses

3D website designs shaping the future of businesses

As we said above, the interaction between a customer and product or portfolio gives better visualization to customers which helps in better decision making. 

3D Website Design for Construction Company Portfolio

Construction companies usually face a problem in showcasing their portfolio to their clients and explaining them with a 2D model. Which also includes the blue print of it as well as a visual model. To showcase and explain a specific project, one has to be with the client and try to make the client visualise it, before accepting the proposal.

However, with Web 3.0 and 3D Website Design, you can easily share your portfolio with your clients and give a live demo of the entire project by giving your client a complete walkthrough in 3D model. Where a client could interact and explore around your project. This saves time, cost, and increases the probability of the client accepting your proposal.

For Example : Project NEOM, it’s the first cognitive city being built in Saudi Arabia. NEOM needs the world to visualise “How the world’s first cognitive smart city can look and feel”. For that, the entire NEOM project was made into a 3D virtual world and showcased to the world wide stakeholders who can interact with the 3D model and explore the project at the same time.

How virtual reality is taking over future business growth

Apart from construction companies, Web 3.0 and 3D Website Design can help businesses gain leverage in creating online virtual websites for the customers who can interact with your product and explore it.

“Do you know? Nearly 7 Million people from around the world visited Nikeland, the Metaverse Nike store”

Many companies are now embracing the value that a 3D website can bring to their clients, current and future. 

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