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Measurement Period

Jun 21 - Jun 22

Measurement Emissions TCO2e


Carbon Intensity £

Carbon Emissions Per £1 Of Turnover


Carbon Intensity FTE

(Equivalent Full Time Employees)


Scope 1 Emissions

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Scope 2 Emissions

Displaying market-based electricity emissions

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Scope 3 Upstream

No Data Found

Scope 3 Downstream

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Carbon Reduction

We are deeply committed to embedding sustainable practices in our operations and driving collective change across our value-chain. Annually measuring our carbon footprint is just one facet of our ongoing dedication. This commitment goes beyond business, urging each employee to take personal responsibility in reducing their ecological footprint.

Scope 1 Change

No Data Found

Scope 2 Change

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Scope 3 Change

No Data Found

Emissions Change From Baseline

No Data Found

If you are part of our value-chain, you can help us further improve our measurement by sharing your own emissions with us here

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