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Best Professional Website tips For Your Business Growth In 2022

For the past two years, the digital growth of eCommerce or online selling platforms has accelerated their growth performance by 40% compared to 2019. Due to the pandemic and frequent lockdowns, people have further moved to adapt to the online purchasing channel.

In recent years, the brick and mortar businesses are experiencing exponential digital growth. A key requirement in moving their offline businesses to online is having a professional website, to compete and thrive in this digital world.

For the past two years, the digital growth of eCommerce or online selling platforms has accelerated their growth performance by 40% compared to 2019. Due to the pandemic and frequent lockdowns, people have further moved to adapt to the online purchasing channel. As per the recent survey by World Economic Forum, 60% of people around the world have made a habit of purchasing online for the last two years. The e-commerce supply chain giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and Jingdong are currently investing more in online selling platforms to boost e-commerce growth, to create a benchmark.

Why do you need a professional website?

Regardless of industry, a business’ online presence can have a significant impact on its growth performance. Some businesses still don’t recognise that, most of their customers will check their website before making a purchase. A strong online presence, particularly a professional website, can make or break your ability to generate additional revenue.

The Current Era, also called the Digital Era, is one where anyone can connect with anyone regardless of the time of day, day of the week or their location on the globe. The important question of, “why should your business have a professional website?”, can simply be answered with, it is to increase the visibility, credibility and facilitate growth of your business. 

If Jeff Bezos didn’t decide to have a professional e-commerce website, then we wouldn’t have Amazon now

Amazon has fulfilled more orders compared to brick and mortar businesses all over the world, they were able to find their audience only through the website. Growth from a simple 4×4 room to the world’s richest person.

What kind of website do you want?

The online presence of a business is classified into four types, based on your current circumstances and objectives. Each Website has its purpose and priority. Check them below 

  • The Authority Website
  • The Lead Generation Website
  • The Sales Website
  • The Utility Website

The Authority Website 

The Authority Website is mainly used by manufacturing industries and construction companies. Their Professional Website is mainly used for publishing their recent works, projects, designs and plans. So that clients who want to know more about a certain company can go through the website and check their portfolio before reaching out to them for any projects.

Here the generated leads are mostly offline, but their professional website is to create credibility towards their company and acts as an online portfolio for their potential customers.

The Lead Generation Website 

The Lead Generation Website is mainly used by companies that offer a variety of online and offline services. In the current digital world, even an electrician or plumber is hired through a website for offline work. On the other hand, companies that provide online services like web designing, digital marketing, and even doctor consultation etc. use the lead generation website to gain more customers to their business and whoever is willing to pay for their services.

To gain more leads, companies use Google Ads and current growth strategies to create more visibility for the services as well as the brand.

The Sales Website 

Ecommerce Websites are called Sales Websites. The purpose of the sales website is to sell a product online for the right audience and increase their growth. There isn’t much difference between the lead generation website and the sales website.

Both the industries use Google Ads and current growth strategies to develop their platform.

The Utility Website 

Social Media, Blogs, and News Channel all fall under the Utility Website category. But to be precise, social media is the exact meaning of a utility website. Anyone can use it to generate leads, sales, credibility, and visibility.

If you have got an idea of what type of website you need, now it’s time to understand the purpose of it and how it can help your business.

Purpose of a Professional Website

The Purpose of a professional website depends on 

  • why you need it
  • what are you trying to gain from it

Some companies try to provide you with features, which are not necessary for your business and requirements. It’s another way of milking your bank balance for additional unnecessary features. We at UTDS Optimal Choice make sure to provide you with the necessary features to ensure that your new website delivers the image and functionality that you need while being a profitable investment.

Your new website will help your business in many ways, including;

  • Increasing visibility
  • Boosting Credibility
  • Expanding Your Reach

Increasing Visibility

Being a brick and mortar business or a simple home store with WhatsApp selling, using a Professional Website, your business gains a greater audience for online selling as well as offline selling. 

If you offer services like Plumbing, Electrician, Law consultation, doctor consultation and many more, a Professional Website allows your customers or clients to check your previous works, experiences, and how capable you are  to fulfil their requirements.

Example of Services

Consider if you’re an experienced lawyer and want to start your law firm. An office can be rented on any floor of the building, but to create visibility for your law firm and to express your experience to new clients. You should have a professional website with details and addresses, so if anyone searches for a law firm in your target area, with the right marketing and Google Ads, your website will rank at the top and new clients will get to reach you faster for any consultation and case handling.


Example of Offline Selling

Consider if you have the best quality Jackets in your brick and mortar store. If you believe your jacket can benefit many people in and around the United Kingdom. Creating a simple professional website for your store will create a top-level fanbase for your product, in offline selling.

Boosting Credibility

Every customer or client does search for credibility in every product and service. That’s why each brand that ever manufactured their product, does have a brand tag saying “It’s 100% Cotton” or “blatant colour” to create credibility towards its brand. Creating Credibility with a professional website makes a client or customer trust you in your services as well as the product.

For Example

Consider someone offering a similar product like yours at a less price. In this situation, customers or clients tend to check for the credibility of the product and the seller, through the website as well as product or customer reviews.

Expanding Your Reach

There are always two types of customers with dual mindsets.

  • A Person who waits to for a good offer
  • A Person who wants to buy from a credible store

These two types of customers have one thing in common, they search online for good offers and a credible store. So having a professional website will give you access to make a customer understand, you’re the best store in the area to buy a certain product for a good price.

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What we have shared above are the simple details on why you need a professional website. In the coming days, we will share about online selling and how to gain leverage even over simple customer remarks to get your business to the next level. So do bookmark our website for future posts and don’t forget to follow us on social media for business tips.

Important of all, if you have any queries or just want to chat and understand how to get your business to grow. Feel Free to Contact us anytime.

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